Salvia Trip

My light but fun salvia experience


Posted by Anonymous on 13/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoking

M friend recently bought 13x salvia and I smoked it twice with him. The first time, we were in his garage and it was daytime.I took my first hit and then started feeling really funny about 5 seconds afterwards. Then my whole body started to kinda tingle. The chair I was sitting on seemed to dig into my back but it felt good. I didn't hallucinate but things seemed very diferent and when i started talking it was a lot like when you suck helium and you laugh at your own voice. That's very similar to feeling I got and then I realized I was laughing really hard and couldnt control it. That's about it for that time.. But the most recent time I had to hits. Me and my same friend with the same salvia decided to do it again. He took probably around 4 or 5 hits and I took 2. From the first hit I felt really good and my friend convinced to me to take another. So I did and I had a little bit more of a thought chang..I sort of thought we were in a different place..I didn't hallucinat but things looked more like a really realistic video game to me. I still had the same feeling as before but it was a little more intense. I'm not a big salvia smoker..I don't really like the feeing and I can't explain why. I hav a feeling like it might be too much when I'm on it. and then I start laughing haha


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