Salvia Trip

My salvia trip. A new world!


Posted by Anonymous on 16/12/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

So, I was with a few of my friends, skipping school on a Friday. We were kinda low on bud so we decided to hit up the local smoke shop to try and find some kind of "legal high". They walked in *because i am not 18* and came out with a little purple cylinder container with the word "Sticky icky - 20x". So we drive down to the strand (historical part of where i live) and decide to park and take a few rips to trip. So they smoked, tripped, and soon the bong was handed to me. I was last, but sure to make my trip as good as possible. The first hit, 15 seconds went by...nothing. The second hit, 30 seconds went by...nothing. The same thing happened untill i reached the sixth hit. I loaded the bong full of this salvia, took as big of a rip i could...held it for as long as i could...and then it set in.

It was at the time, i felt like i was in a different world of the living. It was controlled by a man, this man was the god of this world. It had nothing but alot of these rotating circles. the world was white, no colors in the distance, just white. I noticed that if i looked closer at these rotating circles, they had people attached covering the edges to roll on these people as if ther were a human stamp/wheel, there were that meant there 10 people on these rotating circles. I looked closer, and it was 10 separate people identical to me. It felt like i was being squished, and almost like the edging or outline of my body, was being ripped off, and regrown as if it was be duplicating. Sure enough i was a whole army of me, being duplicated out of these 10 me as a first person view this time (it was third person up until now) and needless to say, i felt like i was stuck here, like a white oblivion created by this "god or ruler" of this world. I asked "what are you doing? who are you?" no this time, i was coming down off the trip..but still i was seeing alot of craziness. It was starting to speed up, but then started to be a flip picture book of this white oblivion, and i heard the guy say "This is my world, how did you get here...Your not meant to be here!" and i was on the sidewalk, laying down. My friends were looking at me like i was crazy, i asked them "What the hell guys....what the fuck just happened." They all told me i was in the car, then outside of the car, and started to yell "WHAT THE FUCK!" at the top of my lungs, even to the point of where spit was flying from my mouth, they also said my face turned bright red. Right after that, i was sitting in the car. We drove around to get some a/c. I was truly robbed of my peace of mind. But if that wasnt enough, i hit some more salvia an hour after this. I hit it twice, and nothing new world...i just kept thinking about my previous trip, the sounds i heard, the feelings, and the thoughts i had, what was happening in this new found place? What was the guy doing? Who was he. Nothing from this experience could be explained. I still want answers. So before you think of trying salvia, you might want to reconsider it, because i know i was far from mentally prepared for this. by the way, i am 16, and i did salvia.


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