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My Salvia Weekend.


Posted by Ditz on 10/10/2010
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Type/Strength:15x / 20x / 40x
Method of Ingestion:Bong / 6 shooter pipe.

Salvia Diary:

Trips 1-7 09/10/2010 - PORTSMOUTH.

Trip 1 - 15x BONG:
I found a shop in portsmouth that specialised in legal highs, and smoking matieral, instantly attracted to it I walked inside.
I saw in the counter a sign which displayed the prices of salvia, after 5 minutes of debating, I walked out with a 1g pack of x15 salvia, a bong and a six shooter pipe.
Me and my friend went to find somewhere quiet to smoke it, my very first time.
I filled up the bong with the salvia and took 2 big hits, the first made me cough a lot, being unused to the taste, and the second just made me dribble.
Almost instantly I felt the drug kick in and burst in to hysterical laughter, and was taken to my own world, all of which I'm finding very hard to explain now.
The ground seemed to tilt almost vertically upwards, and I walked up it, I don't have too much recollection of my first trip as I was so amazed by the situation this drug was giving me.

Trip 2 -15x BONG:
Soon after the first trip had worn off I filled up the bong again, and took another 2 big hits, the dribbling followed, and the ground tilted yet again,
However, this time I decided not to climb it, instead wait to see what would happen, my foot began to feel full of tingles, almost like pins and needles,
And then felt completely seperate to my body, more like it was attatched with some string to my leg, I was picking it up and then dropping it, calling it a him,
I told my friend to pick it up and he did so, it still felt like my leg wasn't at all attatched and when I passed it to him instead of lifting my leg I took my foot with both hands
and passed it to him.
I carried on to naming things him and her, as if they were actual living beings, for example the bong was a him and the salvia tube was a her, all seemed very bizzare once the effects wore off.

Trip 3 -15x BONG:
This was one of my favourite trips, which started off the same as trip 1 and trip 2. The ground tilted, and I ran up and then back down,
I saw my friend, who was dressed in a black and white stripped shirt, I can't recall the part of him becoming zebra like, and me becoming a lion,
The best way I can explain it is that it was like when you were a child, I knew he wasn't actually a zebra, and I wasn't a lion, however it looked and felt like he was,
I began to chase him, and dig in to him with my fingers, much of that like a lion with their paws. And chased him whilst he ran (Which he says he didn't actually do).
I don't know how long this went on for, but it felt like I was in my living room when I was a child and my parents were watching me smiling, I thought the trip had worn off,
So quickly began to explain to my friend what had happened, however quickly realised I still wasn't being myself, the floor seemed altered and the feelings of being a child were still there.

Trip 4 - 15x BONG:
No recollection.

Trip 5 - 15x BONG:
This time was another 'child like feeling', I took the hits and instantly decided to go to the shop which had sold me it to explain how amazing it was, we climbed the steps out of where
I had been smoking it and it felt like it had taken forever, as if I was climbing a steep hill, we walked, which seemed to take again a very long time untill we arrived, all of which I was looking
around, feeling very seperate to everyone else.
We made it to the shop, by this time the salvia had started to wear off, however was trying to explain to the woman behind the counter exactly what had happened, all of which she was very amused by.
I asked to buy some 40x as my gram had very nearly ran out. She told me she thought it would be best if I progressed slowly so I bought some 20x and some 40x and left the shop.

Trip 6 - 15x 6-SHOOTER PIPE:
This trip I think was one of the strangest.
We were in a different location, down an alley with a metal fence at the end. I loaded 4 barrels of the 6 shooter and proceeded to smoke them, the effects took their toll somewhat quickly,
I began to laugh hyserically - my friend who was dressed as a banana (we were going to a fancy dress party) began to jump up and down in order to make me laugh, he did morph in to an actual
giant banana it seemed however I quickly became un-amused as I heard a noise behind me (behind the gate) and quickly turned round, the alley which was behind it seemed a whole lot longer than it was before,
and I began to think I could see another dimension of our world through it, I heard scuttering behind me on our dimension and scuttering on theres (which I thought was my friend in the other dimension),
I saw what seemed like my friend running past the alley in his giant banana costume and was looking out for myself, however I couldn't see me.
I started to call 'excusme' to my friend (in the other dimension) and was asking him to come here, because I honestly for the 3minutes that followed believed it was another dimension,
On this trip I stayed pretty much in the same spot, a bit worried what would happen if I put my hand through the gate, which I ended up doing anyway with a 'come to me' motion.
I carried on calling myself for the next few minutes but there was no response, the effects began to wear off and really confused me, still looking back because I couldn't understand
if it was part of my imagination or I really was looking through the gate of another dimension.

Trip 7 - 20x BONG:
This was my worst trip, and the most scary - I didn't at all enjoy this one as the situation was bad.
I managed to persuade a guy I had met to smoke the salv with me, he took 2 big hits and after a about 30 second put his head in to his lap and then jumped up on his friend, tried to take my plastic
sword which he told me after he thought was real and wanted to keep it on him for protection as a demon hand was pulling him.( I was dressed as a pirate and ran across the road, back to the party ).
I took 3 big hits and don't have any recollection of crossing the road but remember being on the other side.
Now this is extremely hard to explain, my legs felt like they should but my hands felt they were running across the ground, but the ground moving instead (like my top half and lower half were 2 completely
seperate parts and each in their own realm). The ground on my hands seemed to be moving quite like a metal running machine with nobles (this is the best I can explain it!) and my hand had to
keep up at the risk of being sucked under.
I must have taken my bong apart slightly during the process, and because the realm of my arms wasn't connected to my legs and I had nowhere to put it because my pockets seemed non-accesible
(the party was full of university students who were completely anti-drugs) I dropped
it on the ground, along with my lighter, my friend picked it up and passed it to me, and I struggled extremely hard to get my lighter in my pocket but kept hold of the bong.
I managed to find the other guy, who was looking around wildly, and I was feeling extremely paranoid (everyone was dressed in fancy dress). I started hearing people shout 'POLICE' - most people were
in the front garden, I tried to escape inside as I was tripping the hardest I had all day, and the police were standing next to me (4 of them), I walked past as straight as I could (probably leaning
forward due to the whole arms legs thing) carrying my bong tightly and looking straight forward, everyone was questioning why I had a bong but their voices seemed distant so I decided not to reply.)
I walked in to the house, still trying to keep my hand running, walked to the kichen and causually put my bong in to a cupboard for glasses, and went to sit down. (the trip seemed to be lasting forever
and I desperately wanted it to stop).
As I sat down my belts, jewellery and head gear (pirate outfit) began to feel like they were penetrating my skin and I quickly took them off, there was a policeman standing next to me watching and I
was worried the trip would never end.
The policeman was telling me to get out and I was telling him no because I was staying the night and he eventually gave up (I must have looked a bit mental). I was ushered upstairs by the boy and sat in
a girls room, laid on her bed and waited for the effects to wear off, which thankfully they did.
I didn't smoke any more for the rest of the night.

10/10/2010 - My house.
Trip 8 - 20x BONG:
I have just finished coming from a trip that lasted for over half an hour, the actual 'tripping' part itself I belive about 6minutes, I'm still a little shakey. I did this alone this time which I sort of
regret, because I needed somebody to snap me out of it but I was alone.
I sat down on my red rug and lit up the salvia, I took 2 big hits and cleared the rest. After the first hit, and holding it in for 30second the effects already started to hit me so I quickly took another
before it was too late, I held it in and as calmly as I could placed my bong on the floor infront of me.
I'm not sure where I went from here, I don't know if my eyes were open or closed for the most part.
Everything was black, and I wasn't there, I was waiting for my body to be returned to me as it seemed.
Parts of my room were sort of sliding in, in vertical "keys" to the music which was 'Chaka Demus - Tease Me'. All swinging in from the right and landing on the left, revealing a little more of my reality
back to me each time. The keys were rectangular, and the right side vision was black apart from one key which remained there with lips coming from the side singing to the music.
This went on for 3minutes. untill finally the last key "kissed" the second to last key to finally reveal everything in the lyric which says 'I will never forget the first time we kissed'. This sort of
brought me back in terms of the visuals ended, but the trip had far from ended. And my reality still wasn't secure, everything felt seperate, it still does a little now.
This part is the hardest to explain for me as I can't even feel now exactly how it felt. I was scared because I didn't think I could feel the same again.
It's hard to write in words how it felt, every object was of a same texture but I wasn't part of it, I was picking things up and throwing them hand to hand and felt completely in control of everything
around me, sort of like throwing a weighty object hand to hand but never connecting with it properly. I was on facebook chat, and said to a friend 'My body and soul', which is lyrics from the song.
I then quickly ran downstairs to get a drink because I wanted to see how liquid would react to my new reality,
as so far only solids were responding (even my ciggerette smoke seemed to go from my reality). I forgot why I ran downstairs when I had my drink and spent the next while throwing the glass hand to hand.
I know now my mind can't be altered permanantly from this, and what I felt would have been a nice feeling instead of scary and lonely if I had someone to sit there and watch over me to re-assure me.


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Posted by grimjim on 11/03/2010
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Way to go! Don't do things by halves do you! Lol. Pretty impressive weekend. Thanks for writing it up :o)

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