Salvia Trip

My second salvia experience


Posted by progenocide on 12/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

Ok so this is my second salvia experience
So my and my friend went up to a local smoke shop that sells pretty spot on salvia for around 60$

we purchase it and go back to my friends house and i gave it a try. I used my friends glass rasta colored bowl. I took my first hit and tried to cash as much of it as i could. then i cashed it in my second it. It sucked, the heat burnt my lips.

i help it in and when i went to set the bowl down i started going under, i dropped the bowl and ifelt like gravity shifted and i was being pulled behind me. I open my eyes and everything was contorting and melting. Colors starting shooting around. I felt like i was being tossed around like swaying side to side. Then waves starting following everything as i moved. I again closed my eyes and opened them and i was floating around in like space and colorful like 3 inch lines of color just covered everything and pointed into infinity. They had a point of perception but it never ended. My friends spoke to me and it sounded like whispering voices
echoing in me head.
I closed then opened my eyes and i was back in the room but outside of the window the lines we still there, but crawling over everything were little beetle sized beings, the looked kind of like robots crawling over everything and dissipated as my trip came to and end
all in all it was like 5-7 minutes
i felt very detached after and thought about dying alot afterward

i had a good time, and i look forward to doing it again!


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