Salvia Trip

My second trip


Posted by Yoopi on 12/02/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaves
Dosage:2 x 0.2g
Method of Ingestion:Home Made waterbong

Exactly one week after my first trip, I re-try salvia.
I load a bowl in my bong, hold it in my lungs, I sit on the chair, looking my bedroom, I seen it twice, like if my eyes was not working in pair.. My thoughts were bizarre as well..
This was a little trip of 10 seconds..

I load another bowl in my bong, while I was holding the smoke in my lungs, I watched a tree, and I felt like this tree was flying, and the flying tree was red and orange.. I sit down on my chair,
my thoughts were bizarre, and this is the end, another 10 seconds trip :P


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