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My speakers became portals to another world


Posted by Anonymous on 14/07/2008
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Type/Strength:Sage Wisdom Regular strength (I think is standardized 6x)
Dosage:approximately 1/6 gram
Method of Ingestion:small glass pipe

This is my first experience report and is from an experience I had about a month ago. Reflecting back on it now I wonder if it really was a level 4. Opportunities and trusty sitters haven't seemed to match up since this experience, so I haven't had a chance to experience lady sally since. Please, I would like some feedback as to whether others think this was a level 4 or not. I am still fairly new to Salvia and it seems like such a low dose to reach a level 4.

      [about 30 seconds after I inhaled the second and complete hit]

      I was listening to Dream Theater on some stereo speakers in front of me. When I started to trip I noticed that the lyrics being sung were telling me to come to their world. It's great, you'll love it. I thought to myself "What the hell, did he just sing that?" I felt the lyrics coming out of the speakers and took on the shape of little human beings coming out of a portal in the right speaker towards me and they were all talking at once....something about how I must come back with them. They were on a journey from the right speaker to the left speaker and they only had so much time to get there. It was like when the song was over they would be gone. They wanted me to come with them back into the left speaker portal. It was as if I could sense their whole journey from speaker to speaker but I couldn't see past the speaker boundaries into the portals to find out who they were, where they came from, or where they were going. All I knew was they wanted me to come with them and they couldn't stop. I was watching them move in a half circle pattern between the speakers from the right to the left. They were kind of floating in front of me and about the size of pop cans. They wanted me to go with them and I had to make a decision NOW! I heard them say how great it was in the left speaker, but I was trying to decide if they were trustworthy and if I should go with them or not.

    It's like when chrishna58 said,

where you accept the absurd as reality without question or without even noticing how absurd it is.
What I was experiencing became a new and accepted reality for me. It was for all intents and purposes.....completely normal. I was freaking out a little in my mind, because I didn't know if I should go with these beings or let them go without me. I knew I had to decide quick..... This "moment of knowing you have to make a quick decision, but before actually making the decision" seemed to last much longer than a moment. It was almost as if I was stuck in that quick second for about 20-30 seconds.

    Now keep in mind I didn't actually "see" any of this stuff and my eyes were open the whole time.. It was more like I just knew, and I "sensed" it. But because I "sensed" these things and this is "what I just knew," I believed it to be completely normal and logical in my reality.

    Eventually that sensation of having to decide to be pulled into the left speaker or not started to fade and the speakers started a repeating pattern from where they were, to a point upward and to the center. I realized that these speakers weren't portals to another world anymore and just as objects. But with a repeating pattern as if you see a TV on a TV.....and on that TV is the same picture with another TV.....and on that TV is the same picture with another TV.....and on that TV... you get the idea.

    That is they only real "visual" that I got though. I am hesitant to call this a level 4, because I don't feel it took me completely away from the other things in my "pre-trip" reality such as the room I was in or the chair I was sitting on. The only thing that really changed was my sense of reality where it is normal to have portals for speakers with beings coming out of them wanting me to go with them. But my desk was still holding up the speaker-portals. And the speakers didn't look physically different than before, but I had associated speakers as portals to other worlds instead of objects that play music.

    The speaker repeating pattern faded away after about another 30 seconds and I realized my speakers were just single objects that played music. Things elsewhere looked normal and I thought to myself That was a crazy experience I just had.

So that's my trip report. The mood of the trip was mostly a state of confusion with weighing to go with the beings or not.


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