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Posted by wildthunder on 21/09/2010
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Type/Strength:normal leaf
Method of Ingestion:water bong

Existing in another realm. It is hard to describe to anyone who has not tried salvia what leaving there body and everything else for that matter behind. I have used salvia about 100 times so far, I never use 5x 10x etc, I just use plain old salvia in water bong 2-3 hits and I am off. I never have bad trips . I like when I am able to break into the realm of none existing. Where you experience something that can not be described by words since for me to describe this would be impossible, I cant tell you it is like this or that because there is no way to explain what not existing as human feels like.

I never really believed in the whole “spirit” thing even though I practice Taoism and native American beliefs I always felt there was something missing some proof that there is a spirit. I know now that I was wrong. I have experienced things that I thought could not be possible. Not hallucinating on some drug that is nothing more then thoughts like dreams that have no logic and are not bound by the laws of physics. I am talking about existing in a whole new way, not realling on your 5 senses but something more, it is not emotion or even thought. The best way to describe this would be to ask you what you think your mind and body would feel like after using a transporter. Something seen on star trek. Your body and mind turned into energy which it is already. I have been broken down to nothing and felt everything. When I come back I often remind myself that this plant is the most power fullest thing on this planet, I want others to feel what I have felt. I don’t think of salvia as a drug. It is a gift! I urge everyone to keep a stock pile of this plant in case it becomes illegal. I have used salvia that is over 4 years old and it is still just as powerful as the first time I used it. It will not be made illegal because it is bad for you. It will be made illegal because of what it will do to your mind and that is to free it!


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Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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Some interesting things you mentioned.
It sounds like you take Sally more in the traditional sense, almost like the Mazatec indians use a quid and they say that the Extracts of 5x 10x, etc are just too harsh and strong, whereas the normal leaf smoked or a quid is the better way to do it without going into the frightening wacky realms.

I think salvia does something to allow you to open your mind in a totally different way to the inorganic human manufactured drugs. Plant drugs are more natural, but I don't think any of them come close to the strangeness of salvia.

It sounds like you use it in a more meditative way, watching the internal experience, than being controlled by it.

I know the universal energy you talk about, and I believe Salvia at certain levels, when also extended out in a controlled way by your self, "feeling the force", extends your senses outwards, literally giving you ESP. Not that it enables you to read other peoples minds, but certainly feel the energy of matter and everything around you.

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