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Posted by Anonymous on 21/05/2011
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Hello fellow Salvia users!
I'm a first time salvia user and before trying it I honestly thought it sounded to good to be true, I thought well if its legal (at least in the UK it is) there's got to be a catch. So I researched it, read a load of peoples experiences on here, watched some fools abuse it on youtube and bought a 20x vial. I had my trustworthy twin brother as my sitter and our best friend "Butters". I took the biggest inhale of my life and held it in. I can't even recall exhaling because it instantly struck! All of a sudden I feel like I'm drooling uncontrollably. I forget where the hell I am, try to ask my brother what's going on but my words were gibberish as my mouth became really heavy. My head was a ping bong ball during a game and kept bouncing back and forth. This freaked me out (by now I was no longer able to contact with reality). So I got paranoid thoughts in my mind like what if could never get back to reality. Then I just embraced the trip and everything was amazing! I lay down, using my leather jacket as a pillow. Closed my eyes and saw everything! I felt like the big bang was occurring inside my head and all of creation was projected inside! I'm not sure if I was completely out of body because I could still hear Butters talking a load of random bullshit! But I was confined to the floor trapped inside my mind. I had the feeling of being neither here nor there, I didn't exist and if I did I am merely a molecular inside an infinite realm. It was crazy I can't even begin to describe it, I don't think I even could! As my psychedelic experience began to where off I just lay on the floor staring at the trees and the sun peeking through, it was wavy and playful. This is when I began questioning my self with unanswered questions such as, "What came first the chicken or the egg?" To see if my reborn mind could figure out the answer. The come down was gentle compared to the start. The whole experience lasted about 20 - 30 minutes according to my brother (It felt like a few hours from my perspective). After it had fully worn off I feel a new outlook towards life. I feel like I know the truth. The journey was weird and wonderful and started off scary, but was one of the if not the greatest experience of my life. Best £15 I've ever spent!! I think everyone should try Salvia at least once in their life, and to those who do God Bless! :D

P.S: No matter how much you research into Salvia, you will not be prepared for the journey you will embark on!


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Posted by Points on 05/23/2011
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Thanks for the post! I agree that everyone should try it at least once in their life. I think it should be MANDATORY, for it is a very humbling experience.

My friend, although salvia trips are quite personal experiences, part of what you experienced I can completely understand.

I have always tried to find an explanation for what I felt, and the only thing I could really think of was that I was in 4D! Where else could left be up, and right be backwards, and down be right, etc? Absolutely nothing in that place makes no sense regarding physics!

It is quite intimidating at the beginning, yet once we learn to let go, I think that's when we begin to realize that there is much more to this "reality" than we truly know. And helpful substances such as Salvia and DMT help us learn and prepare for whatever is coming. For life is very fleeting :)


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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Great post! I agree that there's just no replacing the intense feeling that can come from a good salvia trip!

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