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Posted by parker2783 on 02/06/2011
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i heard of salvia a long time ago but never paid much attention to its effects, ( i just thought it was some substitute for tobacco whilst smoking weed) but anyway, someone pointed it out to me about a week ago and for the past week i have researched into it vigorously, like its all iv been thinking about, (quite sad) so i have just orderd 1g of 10x and 1g 15x from a site call, after placing my order it seemed as tho something was missing from the order, it neva asked fro email yet said it would send me confirmation, which makes me wonder if iv been ripped off, the site seem legit, has anyone had salvia from this source? i have had mild experince with lsd and a few mild (1 very heavy) with shrooms, and im looking forward to what may instore!!!


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Posted by parker2783 on 06/04/2011
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so im guessing people dont use this site much, also if any1 reads this, advice on how much to fill my bong would be grateful, like how many trips "should" u get out of 1g 10x? any help much appreciated, thanks


Posted by parker2783 on 06/04/2011
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salvia arrived today, so all is cool!


Posted by grimjim on 07/11/2011
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Hi, you're right, I think people don't visit this site that often, and also I think it's simple design allows for easy posting and anonymity, whereas if it was a forum it might be more active but also possibly more prone to people abusing it. Forums also take a lot of upkeep.

Anyway, I think my answer is possibly too late for you now as you've already started smoking it.
You really only need a tiny pinch of 5x 10x or 20x, and how big an effect you get is down to how long you hold your breath for.

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