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Posted by Anonymous on 10/10/2008
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Who I am: I am a semi-successful 36 year old software developer. I learned about Salvia through YouTube and decided to try and "open my mind" a bit through this controversial herb.

past experience: I've also done plenty of LSD in my youth and I remember enjoying it so I thought this might be a similarly rewarding experience.

head space: I was a little nervous going into it because of the reports I've read but didn't feel scared. I knew that it would only last a few minutes and the after effects would be negligible according to all user experiences I'd read about.

Ingestion: After loading my smoking apparatus I put flame to herb and inhaled until all was ash. However, I intentionally exhaled prematurely. I didn't want to find myself somewhere I didn't want to be.

The trip: After smoking I decided to ease back into my couch. I immediately realized that laying down would be a good idea because gravity felt like it was sucking me down.

Laying on my couch I saw some kind of bat or flying animal start to form on my ceiling. Now, this was not like any LSD visual I'd ever seen. It looked real - as if it actually had a green color (my ceiling is white) and substance as opposed to just wavy shapes or trails. It looked ominous so I forced myself to switch my position and look at the painting of a beach with palm trees hanging on my wall. Gravity was getting really strong now and it took quite a lot of effort to move but I managed.

The rest of the trip I just stared at the painting. It seriously looked as if the palm trees were getting sucked off the edge of the frame. Again, not the LSD-type hallucination that I remember from my youth. It's hard to explain these realistic-looking visuals.

I didn't feel like my mind was losing any lucidity. I was very focused on that painting the whole time and mentally preparing myself for an overpowering experience.

If the trip were more powerful, the visuals would have been so strong that I wouldn't have been able to see anything.

Post trip: After a while I started coming down and the visuals eventually faded. For about 10 minutes I was very uncoordinated so I didn't move much. After about 20 minutes my mind and body felt as if nothing had happened. Thankfully, a very "clean" end to the experience.

Retrospect & Conclusion: All in all, I'm glad I tried it but have decided that Salvia is just not my cup of tea. A couple hours later after my trip, it ended up swirling down my toilet. My next experience might be with a special cactus that (I hope) will give me a more insightful, rewarding experience.


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Posted by Circadian Rhythm on 10/14/2008
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You should have made your title "Who Am I"

Just my opinion


Posted by Synchronium on 10/14/2008
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A very comprehensive report. Unusual for such a negative experience!

Another tragic example of how the media is taking us all for a ride.


Posted by Mimic on 11/19/2008
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Wow, such an intense trip off 5x
you must be pretty receptive to Entheogens, i got a similar experience from 15x

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