Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 24/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

This was my second time doing salvia after my first time was a mild 5x trip. This time I stepped of up to 20x. Being that it was a lot stronger I decided to try it with several friends. We all went in rounds to make sure there was always a sitter. A few seconds after exhaling a rather sizeable hit, I began to loose sense of reality and being. I slumped over and began to visualize rows of cartoon-people-shaped patterns. The most disorienting part is that I don't know if this dream-like state was closed-eye or conscious hallucination. I began to panic as the cartoon people became aware of me and hovered over me. I slowly became aware of my actual surroundings and reached for my friend vaguely screaming, "hold me!". The cartoon people hovering over me suddenly became vague versions of my friends around me. The only thing I fully could make out was one of them threatening to record me. Disoriented to the point of blindness, I had no idea he was joking and further more didn't have a camera, I became enraged. I was about to swing at him when another friend of mine, who was actually tripping, jumped on my back. Without hesitation, I flipped him and began to ground and pound him. He then jumped up and we started to fight like mortal enemies. Scariest of all, I actually intended to kill him. After it was broken up by four other people, I began to laugh uncontrollably. Bottom-line, just because salvia is legal and cheaper than other psychadelics, you need to take it seriously. It's an actual personal journey that people around you need to appreciate and if you don't you can end up breaking your best friend's nose.


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