Salvia Trip

not so skeptical anymore


Posted by Anonymous on 31/10/2007
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Type/Strength:10X Extract
Dosage:3 hits
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Alright, this is the second time i've tried this stuff, and im making definite progress.  i posted my first experience in the 's' level section, which included my disappointment and hope.  this time was different.  the odd thing was that i didnt realize it was different until afterwards.
so last night, i get all set up and take a hit.  i should add that i was really nervous with excitement and anticipation at the time, which i think stopped me from letting the salvia take me as high.  so now the usual slow feeling and heavy limbs kick in.  i take another, and now im having to lean against the wall while sitting in my bathroom (i do it in my bathroom with the fan on to help control smell, and i move to room or bed afterwards...or at least i plan to).  i started seeing this industrial kinda lego-like civilization (the same one i imagined in my first trip) building downwards in fron of me, like a veil.  i soon realized that it was actually my eyelids drooping slowly.  i think the main thing holding me back is my active consciousness.  i try to look to deeply into things, and an unable to just relax and let it take me.  i kinda snapped out of it and started feeling really excited and actively searched for hallucinations and stuff.  i got nothing, and took my last hit.  somehow, i ended up lying down.  i would start to feel like i was falling, but i would quickly subdue the feeling, and become worried, cuz i though i was actually standing, and i thought that salvia was trying to fool me that i was lying down which would cause me to relax and fall and hurt myself.  this paranoia kept interrupting me right when i would start to relax and get the falling feeling.
after some time of that, i decided i was gonna lie in my bed, so i could be sure of my safety.  the only problem was that those damn industrial people were folding my bathroom in constant frames toward me on the floor, starting from the wall in front of me.  it was kinda like my wall was falling on me, except it was just these transparent frames.  so everytime i would try to get up, the force of the folding, which somehow generated force, pushed me back.  when i finally managed to get up, my bathroom was sideways, so to get to my bathroom door, i had to reach up, and open it upwards.  this whole time im thinkin "damn salvia.. why wont it affect me!  and put my bathroom back, friggin industrial lego jerks"  i finally got to my room, and all of a sudden, i couldnt walk forwards!  it was like there was an invisible barrier, and when i knocked it over, there would be another one, and another, etc.  it wasnt bad at first, but then they started stopping me more and more, so it was like i was slowing down slowly, until i was moving so slow, that i was making no progress.  somehow i broke out of it and got to my bed.  when i closed my eyes, i could see these dancers, and they were all exact copies of each other, dancing in octagons.  everytime i would hear a beat (there was some sort of music on somewhere in the house...i think) the octagons would multiply along with the dancers.
now, at this point, i was SOO CLOSE to a breakthrough into the 'salvia realm'  i could feel myself starting to relax, and i didnt even care anymore about hallucinations, or anything.  i was free from my own barriers.  then i felt tingling all over, as if the salvia was saying "yes, finally, let me embrace you"  i started to fall, but teetering a bit, as if i was right on the edge barely keeping my balance.  i saw 2d circles, and shapes fly wildly into my vision, and suddenly stop.  much more active than the tame octagons of before.  but then i heard rustling outside my room, and voices from downstairs which snapped me out of it.  i thought that my mom and brother were sleeping, but i forgot it was garbage day!!  my brother went around collecting the trash bins to put outside, and turned on the tv.  i was SO angry, cuz i was sure that i was about to start the ride of my life.  i tried relaxing again and going back, but noises hear and there kept bringing me back.  i eventually fell asleep.

i originally thought nothing of the trip, until i actually started looking into it, and i couldnt help laughing at myself for not realizing anything weird was going on.  i might try again tonight depending on conditions.  im determined not to stop until i have at least more than an 'l' level.


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