Salvia Trip

oh shit, oh shit, oh shit....


Posted by Anonymous on 03/10/2007
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Dosage:1 and a 1/2(was going for 2:)
Method of Ingestion:smoked

To be honost its been about a year, but this is what i remember. i was sitting in a camping chair with a gatorade bottle for a bong. i took my first hit and held it in for about 30-40 seconds and let it out slow. i remember telling myself "now take the second hit", but i dont remember if i did i black out there, i do remember waking up, it felt instantanious. i must have droped the make shift bong because it was also stepped on (lesson learned). everything looked the same, i was almost disappointed because i was hoping to see visuals, kind of like say acid of mushrooms
and then i felt it, it was a clinging or sticky sort of feeling the way it would feel to be a sticker on it backing, and i could hear voices. not a female voice like the previous discriptions i had read online. these voices were almost distracting, i needed to find out why. it was then i noticed that not only did i feel like a sticker but i was a sticker stuck on the 2d backing that was my chair and room. standing was difficult but i managed to peel myself off. i kept thinking "oh shit", in fact those were the only 2 words i could think as i looked around, i was still there in my studio, no alterations. but some how there was a fully functioning bus, or atleast the shape of a bus with my sitter's(my wife's) face as the front right headlight on my bed which was some how the hood, with the wall behind it clearly making the cab and body of the bus. i walked over and bent over my wives face, by now im really horrified, i have just broken my reality. "oh shit!" is the first words out of my mouth, "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." on and on it was all i could say, and then i heard the intrusive voices again i turn and i see seynfeld on tv, his very very annoying voice going on about something, and then i remembered oh yeah i smoked "something", as i now that im coming down the world is fixings the bus is gone, reading the 10-12 experiances was nothing to prepare me for what occured. i gained a new respect for salvia, its not my giggly laughy acid i thought i would get but something with so much more, i was afraid. i quickly put the extract somewhere safe because i was to afraid to try it again, it was to much to fast.

in all, my wife says i was freaking out for about 5-10 minutes maybe less, but i must have been in that reality for hours.

ps, sorry for my bad grammer/spelling, also hope i got this in the right area of the trip report, i triped a year ago, and just found out about the scale today:)


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Posted by BigTouch on 07/26/2009
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ye, sometimes all you can think is oh shit my realities permanently broken

the new reality joyfully fucks you up :P

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