Salvia Trip

OK, not quite there though


Posted by AMNEesiac_21 on 07/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:smoking

I've tried Salvia about 10 times and still haven't gotten a really good trip. I always sort of know that I'm on Salvia and can never get lost in it.
I recently took some really potent Salvia and had an interesting, but still not really deep, trip. I immediately felt like I was being lifted and guided through some path. I could see bright thickly layered plastic and the odd thing was there was an inch of space between the layers of plastic but I couldn't stop to look at it because I was continually floating forward. It was as if something was communicating to me to let everything go and to follow freely, but I couldn't hear or see anything, I just knew that it was being communicated to me. Then my entire body turned to water and I could feel the water flow from my centre into my fingers and toes. After that I opened my eyes and I could see everything normally but there was some sort of stream along one side of the ceiling and I was suddenly in the stream looking at an empty body that I was being guided toward. As I got closer to the body I heard the same word being yelled over and over very fast. I then realized that it was a name being yelled at me and as I reached out to touch the body I felt like a shock through my body then opened my eyes and it was over.


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