Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 22/04/2008
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Dosage:about 30 mg
Method of Ingestion:smoked in pipe

Salvia is incredible!. this was my second trip where i held it in perfectly. i had the trip in my bedroom on a very comfy chair (now the proud owner of a big beanbag) with the beatles playing.     now ive been interested in the idea of hallucinogens and there shaministic and spirtiual quality for about three years now. fully researching salvia for about 6 months on the net before taking any amount of it. i was amazed with the results. since last year ive so ive become vegan and taken a bigger interest in the enviroment and humanity in general, and taking this 10 x extract was meant to be for fun as well as the spiritual experience i was hoping for.        when i took a good long toke of it and held it in.  i breathed it out and sat. now after this i dont remember what happened unlike the other 4 salvia experiences ive had so far i can not remember the transition to this other world but fully remember the trip (although it seems like a dream now) the next minute after sitting in my room  i was on a bus in a darkened sort of street that was chugging along to the beat of a beatles song (for the benefit of mr kite i think) the bus and the streets where populated with hedgehogs but the spines where made of fingers. i remember as i sit on this incredible bus journey seeing my friend in the distance in a sort of sepia toned painting. he was dressed as a pharaoh crossed with a sort of dog (if anybody has ever played banjo kazooie they'll understand)  now he very slowly brought his pipe to his mouth and as he did the circular space he made in the extended arm formed a doorway. i tried to put my hand through the door way but he put his arm down which is when i told my friend " your meant to be the piper" as this happened i gazed at the sky which was surrounded with fingers i remember taking full enjoyment in wiping the sky with my hands free of the fingers laughing uncontrollably as i did. to uncover a green face in the sky which i will have to draw to explain properly. but to me the face appeared to be neither male nor female and was old full of wrinkles etc but had happiness and suttlness to it at the same time. i dont remember it saying anything to me but i felt it did say to me that im on the right path where i am and my friend who is very similar and accompanyed me during my trip and who shares my ideologys should be notified of what i seen later on. which is where i said to my mate in real time and during the trip ive got something to tell you later.              after this i got out of my trip not really knowing where i was or what time it was thinking i was five. but i came out of it really refreshed and happy of who i was and ready to immerse in the knowledge im on the right path and such etc etc.            this was the trip out of the 5 ive had so far which wasnt just becoming  what im sitting on but actually going to a different place and was also one of the only ones where i could fully immerese in where i was and not worry i wasnt meant to be there. it helped a lot having my mate there and music playing completely (the other trips i had were different not as enjoyable but equally significant) each time ive had salvia i cant remember smoking it once im in it but i often get the taste of it but during the trips it doesnt seem to be a specific taste or drug but a universal taste and feeling.   im pleased very much with what i had and i am hoping to make it a regular thing. i would really love to grow it myself rather than buying extracts. and i am having to thank websites like erowid and this for there invaluble help on what to expect how to prepare and grow and such for providing a full satisfactory spiritual and enjoyable experience. kudos to you.   


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