Salvia Trip

One, Two, I wonder if this is gunn-- OH SHIT THEY'ER GUNNA FIND US


Posted by Anonymous on 07/12/2007
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Type/Strength:home made extract + a little plain leaf to burn
Dosage:around (estimated) .25g extract and pinch of leaf.
Method of Ingestion:water bong

let me preface this by saying.... holy shit. I made a home-made extract from Arch's penultimate guide.

a little back story, I've only actually smoked with any intent twice before, with plainleaf, and that was because i had gotten the "ok" from idk lets call it life, or you know fate or whatever, that will serve all our intents and purposes. anyways i had finished my extract and was waiting for that feeling of "this is the time" and i got it, contemplating during the day when i will actualy try the extract out, and then comming home a bulletin board post i was reading in a completely unrelated board. and at the very end of a long winded blah blah blah post, the guy has "Do Salvia." so im like ok this is it. i take a bit of the extract in quid, very very small amount.and do that thing, nothing really happening other than a body buzz, so i go about constructing a water bong, putting my skills to use i hadn't used for years.

I load her up, and rip it, taking it all down, I even have a second bowl load waiting on paper next to me in case i didn't use enough HAHA!

setting the bong down i remember thinking ok, now to see if this stuff really works. I don't remember getting through the entirety of that thought before I wake up in another time and place, I'm in my room but everything is different, its all in my head, but everything is foreign and i have a terrible fear. during the changeover, i feel an in-terminable amount of time passed while i was away in another land, but all of this is black to me. I turn to the right a bit and remember Im still holding my breath and exhale.


My world flattened and stretched everything i could see was not inside my head but everything that was around me, the entire world had been flattened into long strings of darks and lights that are fluxing with a kind of weird movement, not a liquidity, but like a slow gelatinous ripple. only way to put it i guess, the world is wrapping around me like im a big round rock smack in the middle of the stream. it slowly ebbing and flowing around me, somewhat flowing, or rather pulling in one direction, the peak of the mountain (how i saw it first) pulling and stretching to up and behind my head, I fight to keep my head on it, because it was also twisting my sense of balance and orientation,  (i was seeing the mountain rightside up, but only because my head was tilted towards its angle)i freak out and The Fear builds in me as i have this feeling of falling. but im not im jsut slightly spinning in my desk chair.

The world streaches and flattens (normal/lines) repeatedly and for a few moments i get to see and observe my normal room. but its not normal at all, its not My room and im a small child in trouble for doing something horrible and i have this feeling that im going to be caught. by something horrible on the other side of my door (more horrible like its going to be my mom when she caught me playing with matches in the house when i was seven, not horrible meaning big monster) I stand up suddenly, but dont remember doing so, and the world flattens, but the fear remains, the flow goes faster and the peak keeps falling up and above me and i keep spinning to keep up with it. flash back to real world i see the bong on my desk and cant quite comprehend it, it seems completely foreign(the bottle was small and odd) but still i pick it up trying to contemplate it in all the wrong ways(upside down) and suddenly the vertigo of chasing the flow catches me  and i dizzily fall onto my bed (i was basic motor control at this point and steered myself close before i fell.  I started hearing the music again and couldn't take it (it was daft punk, something horribly fitting and fear inducing, saying something about finding us or finding out) or something so I work up the courage from under my blankets and smack of my sterio finaly silence.

I can feel myself solidifying slowly, coming back to reality and im sweating hot, still fearfully of being caught by whoever or whatever was outside my door, but calming down, crack the window, wait too cold for my plants, closed, oh yeah desk fan i had propped to deal with any smoke, plus my room is innately hot. so i sit in front of this fan, it blowing down the back of my neck as im laying on the floor curled in a ball laughing to myself, still feeling the fear, the excitement.



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