Salvia Trip

Opening the door


Posted by Anonymous on 27/11/2007
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Dosage:heaping bowl
Method of Ingestion:Glass pipe

I had just been unsuccessful in picking something else up when I remembered my buddy told me about this stuff at the smoke shop. I walk up to the counter and ask for SALVIA. The girl asked me what strength I wanted and I decided on 40x. I looked inside the little plastic container that contained 1g and felt a little ripped off. I called a friend of mine and told him what I had and he said bring it over. He had already herd about it on the news. I had never herd of it.  I was excited, I nearley smoked some on my war over to his house. Thank God I didn't. Anyway, I got to my buddy's house and packed a huge bowl. I hit it with everything I had and held it in like it was my dying breath. After about 30 seconds the wall started to wave. I thought I was gonna get "high" or something, I had no idea. I stood up and felt like I was falling through the pages of a comic book, but I was stuck in the same room.  I was starting to freak out when my buddy said "It's all cool". For some reason him saying that made me feel better. The first time I smoked Salvia I did not like it, but I still tried it again. Most people don't like watching TV on it, but I do. I took a bong hit wile I was watching a DEFTONES video and I felt like I was right in the room with the band. The scene changes were very intence. The singer of the band was coming out of the TV 3D and was right in front of me. I like the stuff. I'm trying to get ahold of a clone, but I am kind of poor right now. If someone wants to send me a clone for Christmas it would be greatly appreciated.


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