Salvia Trip

Otherworldly Slide


Posted by Anonymous on 29/06/2007
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked in 3 hits.

The S.A.L.V.I.A. scale is a nice reference point. However, someone may go through more than one of those levels during any given SD trip.

For example, the only time I can recall having a level 6, it was the level 5 part that I recalled. I had inhaled 1/4g of a 5X SD extract in 3 hits, and I then blacked out. When I came to, I was a photo on the wall. It was a photo of my parents, but the photo was on the wall in the trip. In reality the photo was in some other room of my house. Anyway, I ended up as the photo looking out at my bedroom. Then the next thing I recall is becoming one with the the wall, and then I slid down the wall to become my bed. By the time I was back to being myself, I still had a surreal buzz around me. Thus, it was a 6, 5 and then back to a 1. It was like going down some sort of otherworldly slide.


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Posted by Vidooch on 05/10/2010
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Psychedelic water slide


Posted by yehimastoner on 03/09/2012
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whooo ! salvia !!!

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