Salvia Trip

Out of body!


Posted by Anonymous on 10/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Homemade bong

Ok so ive done salvia a couple time and this was by far the scariest (and most interesting) trip i had.
I was watching my brother and sister while my dad was sleeping and i had about 1/4 of a vile left so i made a bong out of a fiji water bottle a pen and a 3/16 wrench piece and a fine screen. I had this urge to do it again so i filled the wrench piece and went outside to light up.
I light it, inhaling as much as i could and held it as long as i could. I could start to feel it coming on at this point, so i finish the remaining smoke in the bong. There was still some salvia left in the piece so i tried to light it but i couldnt. Suddenly i could only see whatever i was focusing on and it appeared both close and far at the same time. Like i could see every detail but it looked like it was farther away. I happened to be looking at the piece and my lighter. Everything around it was blurred rings. I realized that i souldnt bother with trying to light it cuz it wasnt gonna happen amd i suddemly got really anxious and ran inside and downstairs. I was sure what i was doing down there but thats where i was heading and as i went down the stairs i could feel and see this pulsing coming at me and i was insanely scared then i figured i better put the bong away before i forgot about it so i went upstairs to my room and as i was heading up i could suddenly see myself but only myself yet somehow i knew where everything was. So i put it in the vent (thats where i keep my stuff) and head back down stairs to sit down and relax. Relaxing didnt work and i began to get mad at the salvia and yelled at it. Then it started yelling back (i later realized this was my sister). The pulsing started to fade but i was still really mad so i stomped upstair and sat in my room until the effects were completely gone. I was more scared during that trip than i had ever been in my life, no joke!
I decided after that that i wasnt gonna do the stuff again. But im about to light up in my room.


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