Salvia Trip

Out of body experience?


Posted by Littleuser on 05/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water bong

Ok im 14 and ive only tried weed and ecstasy but ive been wanting to test my mind and see how far i could go... So me and my 2 friends went down to this creek and i had been preparing by reading trip stories and how to not have a bad trip and such.(Im not a stupid teenager that just wants a high.)
So i took the hits and i felt the gravity effect and when i hit the ground (I was sitting crosslegged) i felt like my spirit fell out of reality and i was in infinity.(I felt like i broke out of space and everything made of matter.)
And i could see a small horizontal strip of reality it was as if you cut a millimeter of the top of a picture off and hung it in my feild of vision. and then it started shaking like crazy up and down and i saw more start to appear and i couldn't get back into reality because they were moving and i was worried i would get in the wrong reality and be stuck forever. So i finally somehow got into one and my friends were both laughing, so i thought that some other being was controlling my mind so everyone in it were actors and they were laughing because my whole life i thought it was real and i just found out it was a fake movie...
(my friends later told me i was screaming "f*@# YOU YOUR NOT F@#$%^ REAL!" and i started trying to grab them and i chased them around for 15 seconds) But then i felt my spirit being pulled out of reality again and i ended up in infinity and reality was bouncing around again. Until finally i got out of the trip. (My friends said i was rocking back and forth so i believe i was trying to throw my spirit self into reality)
I now respect salvia. (I understand why it is called Sage of the Diviners). I never realized a drug could turn everything you ever knew and thought was real, into a joke.


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