Salvia Trip

Part 1


Posted by improvisation on 18/02/2010
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Type/Strength:red level/extract

Part 1.
This is a long story but I will try to make it short. It is a two-part story. My girl-friend and I recently heard about salvia and were keen to try it. So we ordered some liguid form of it on line. Note that the title of this , part 1, is referring to the type that was taken in Part 2 that I will write later. It was like a normal weekend night for us. Drinking some beer, smoking some pot .. etc. So then we read the instructions on the salvia that had come in the mail. There was an eye-dropper thing that you used to suck it up out of the bottle and place under your tongue. You were to hold it there for about five minutes at a time. It stung like hell. We put about 4 drops over 30 minutes of time. I felt relaxed, music sounds nice, I even feel horny. I go to put another drop under my tongue and my girlfriend suddenly says: No .. it is evil. Do not put any more of that stuff under your tongue. Surprised: I ask why .. what's up. She says: I do not want any more. I question further and she indicates that there was some sort of blue sheet that attempted to cover her up! She was very frightened. She said it was as if she was in the Haiti earthquake, being covered by this so-called blue sheet. At first I started laughing because I just could not imagine what she could be talking about. Nonetheless .. she kindof curled up into a fetal position and just lay there for several minutes. I am not sure what was going on in her mind at this time but it must have been some strange shit. For me, nothing really happened except that I felt good, warm and light-hearted. It was fun.
The next night, when I was alone, I finished off the whole bottle of extract .. same effects .. warm, music nice, pleasant feelings .. etc ..


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