Salvia Trip

Part 2


Posted by improvisation on 18/02/2010
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Type/Strength:red level/extract
Method of Ingestion:smoked the powder on a bed of blue-lotus

Well .. I went to the local head - shop to purchase a small double blown pipe. I owned a very good bong but decided that I needed a smaller pipe. The pipe was very nice that I purchased and rather expensive. It was a work of art with intricate designs in it. While there I exchanged some old pot-smoking stories with the owner of the store. And for puchasing the pipe, he gave me a free packet of Salvia Zone Red Level 1/5 gram which supposedly represented 2 experiences. Anyway, I took it home and let it sit on the table for a day or so. Then, eventually, I was a little bored one night and noticed it sitting on the table. I decided to try some, remembering the relaxing feelings I got from it last time with my girl friend. I am a very careful person and always do a lot of research up front before trying anything. So I read the instructions and decided to be careful and only pour out a small amount of the substance , about 1/3 of an experience .... so I thought.
Before proceeding I looked at a few YouTube videos about Salvia and found myself laughing at the people on the drug. It seemed so funny to me. I tried to make my environment as comfortable as possible. I put the lights off except for a small light near the floor, burned inscense, took my cloths off except for a tee-shirt and long-johns. I had some blue-lotus so I figured that would be the perfect way to deploy the substance. I poured about 1/3 of extract onto the little blue-lotus flowers in my pipe. I was playing very mellow music by "Brian Eno" , music for airports ...
The television was on with the volume way down, think Larry King Live or CNN. I was alone in my second floor apartment, actually the whole second floor of a large victorian home. Nice hard wood floors .. beautiful apartment. I might mention that I create abstract art as a hobby so the walls are all covered with art ..
So .. I sit back in my chair, light my lighter, light the pipe, suck all the stuff in, hold it for as long as possible, trying to suck up the puffs that are left oousing from the fires of the pipe while holding it in .... and watching an interesting commercial on television at the same time.
Oh .. did I mention , I had the computer on with the clock showing me the seconds ticking off as I held the hit in.
Something was happening on the television, some strange commercial with a sort of movement .. like a bar being moved about from up to down position ... cannot remember what it was. But as I watched it, the movement become strange! It seemed to be moving out of the television and I seemed to be moving some where with it. The television's contents were flowing into the room. It seemed as if I along with the contents of the televions were traveling backwards at increasing speed. I could not maintain my control easily at this point so I fell from the chair. THUD. At this point, things were just moving past me, past my head and it felt as if my head and body was becoming lost , hmm , becoming part of the rushing thing , energy ... or whatever it was. While on the floor, I tried to pull myself together. I felt that I was on the verge of loosing my sanity. My hand pressed against the wooden floor and there was a lizard like quality to the texture of the floor .. all at the same time moving rapidly. I felt that I had to escape this shit in some way. I felt that I had made a BIG mistake, perhaps I would never get out of this. I tried to put on my shoes and tie them because I wanted to get out of the apartment. Keep in mind that I am wearing long johns only with a tee-shirt and it is freezing cold outside. I tried to tie my shoe but my foot seemed as if it would dissolve or disappear everytime I touched it. And also , the harder I tried to tie it up , the deeper I was sucked into some type of OTHER DIMENSION. The music was flowing thru out the room , somehow in harmony to this great movement into OTHER DIMENSION that I was experiencing. I tried to touch my head but no matter what I touched, it just disintegrated into this dimension thing. WITH ALL MY WILL POWER I STOOD UP and headed for the door. I was definitely making some dreadful sounds at this point, wondering what would happen to me being caught in the other worldly dimension. I ran down .. well . made it down the stairs .. I will say that going down the stairs was a trip in itself, another lifetime, a deep adventure. The stairs became circular ... melting .. before my eyes .. all traveling on what seemed to be the flowing music from my room. I make it to the front door of the house. I had a brief thought that this might be hell and I am cought in it for ever. Outside in the cold I found refuge on a couch that was on the porch. I felt warm. I sit there ... wondering if I would ever escape from this other-worldly reality. Eventually .. I felt a little better. Went back upstairs ..


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Posted by kwinger on 02/18/2010
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Nice description, yeah smoking tincture enhanced leaf is intense, sometimes coming on before you even exhale. I call this place, the place between parallels, kinda like a train station between alternate realities, with our choices serving as the trains. In conscious life we aren't. Aware of the transition, under salvia man conception of time and space is disolved, like your experience with the tv images, you were seeing the same tv in multiplicity. Though with the posibility of obe I don't recommend being around electrmagnetic equptment, it limits the astral body.

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