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Posted by Anonymous on 07/02/2009
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Type/Strength:20x peach flavour and plain leaf
Method of Ingestion:bong

After my triangles with eyes experience, i decided to relax and meditate on salvia in a stronger form, i had bought some 20x extract earlier that day, and went to my friends house where a few people came round . late at night i decided i would start with a bong of plain leaf, figuring that this would be more effective than my previous experience with a pipe, as i can clear the bowl in one in a go, it was a beautiful setting in my friends garden, there was about a foot of snow covering the garden and a clear sky, it was very serene. i sat on the swinging bench and cleared the bong, closed my eyes and relaxed. i saw many moving spirals and whirlpools of colour spinning and spinning, as i was in a mild enough state to up my dose and pack another bong, thats what i did, and cleared that one as well, i sat back and continued both watching and feeling these close eyed visuals, before doing what i had been nervous about before, i put some of my 20x in the bowl and sucked, not at all sure what would happen, i cant remember where it began, but i was seeing stripes, each with a curve in the middle and also an eye, they were shades of purple. they all had a personality and conscience that i could feel, i realized they were people i knew, i was one of these stripes! i was an entity, i did not remember that i am human, i thought i had been a stripe my whole life, i was an entity but not in physical form, me and the other stripes were a code that fits together and communicates by sensing each others presense, this was very strange and intense, at this point, i could not remember details of my own life, not my name or age or anything, i just knew i was a stripe, slowly some stripes began to take human form, though strangley distorted, and still fitting together with a curve in the middle, we were moving forward like a conveyor belt. i remebered my name at last, i remebered my personality, a strange experience, as its something that is a part of me that i had always known, and while i was a stripe, i had a new, code like personality. it was very confusing, because as details of my life came back to me i still believed i was a stripe, i finally began thinking in my normal frame of mind again, and realized i had taken salvia, and this was a trip, that was when i started really enjoying the flow of this experience. i slowly regained feeling and consciousness of my own body, as during the trip i felt like a free roaming soul without a shell. as i looked down, i saw my own body, sat on that bench as the effects wore of, i felt like becoming human again was like being reborn into my own flesh. even when all effects wore of, i was still shocked and mind-blown by how realistic and extreme my experience was.

i think next i will try 10x as this may have more controlled but still strong effects.

please leave feedback i hope you enjoyed reading!


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Posted by 911aware on 02/07/2009
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great report!

it seems to me, that careful useage helps you retain your experiences better. it definately can be a bit overwhelming, but working your way up to 5 can be well controlled.

practice makes perfect. :)

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