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Posted by Anonymous on 01/04/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bowl

This stuff is absolutely crazy.
I'm scared of it, but want more after what i have experienced.
I'm thinking i'll have it time to time as a little treat for when I need to reunite with what is the spirit of humanity - or rather life forces in themselves.

The main thing about my trip was that everything seemed like it needed to be peeled back. I got caught in the patterns of things, and felt i had to crawl beneath them....

I SHOULD have been lying down when i did it, but my friend said it'd be best to do it in the bathroom in case i got caught or w/e (insane parents, dont ask...) So i put a heaping hit of purple stick salvia into the bowl, light it up, and inhale. Im going into it thinking a) it probably wont have that strong of an effect because im not using a water pipe or torch lighter and b) ill be the first to admit im a total noob when it comes to drugs lmao.

Oh, was i wrong....
I start to feel gravity pull me down and im lying on the floor, feeling so heavy yet weightless at the same time. Like everything in the room weighed the same amount as i did, so therefore everything was somehow on the same plane. The shower curtain in her bathroom had roses on the top, and a fish-net vine pattern. I felt like a fish trapped in the pattern. I was terrified, but i did not scream out. At this point I became aware that i was in a 'dream' of some sort. I could not remember where i was, how i got there. It was like waking up in an unfamiliar place, and not being able to recall anything but these patterns that were all around. My friend luckily took me to the couch, and I fell into a pattern on the pillow, literally (well, you know what i mean...) It was a square pattern with a red center, brown and beige around it. I kept on trying to turn my head to get away, but i couldnt. I started to get realllly scared, it was like i was caught in alice in wonderland, and that red square was the queen of hearts, getting closer and closer, and the pattern kept trying to draw me into it. She had music on and I told her to shut it off because it sounded as though it was a broken record, playing the same thing over and over.
My friend gave me sodalite, hematite, and amethyst stones to hold onto, and im pretty positive that is what helped to level me back a bit.
SOMEHOW i broke out of the square pattern, but i still felt as though i was in a dream state. The furniture, the foreground, background...everything seemed to 'level out' - or to be sucked into this 2d space. At this point i remembered i had a body...and it felt so bizarre just to touch my own skin - I thought it was hilarious that this was what i identified myself as, becuase i felt one with the vibrations of everything around me. I felt what it was to be alive, how everything truly is interconnected.
I gained insight into why we are here on this planet, why as humans we do the things we do....


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Posted by Dreamer on 04/03/2011
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I've spent some time trying to unlock the mysteries of Salvia. The last time I tried it I smoked 10x from a little stone pipe and used a BIC lighter. When I exhaled (only 1 hit) I heard the Salvia voice say "Awwww, he doesn't remember. My mind's voice said "Remember what?". The Salvia voice answered and said "...what it feels like to be a part of EVERYTHING". I felt so joyous that I couldn't help but to start laughing. I'm glad to see that you also know that we are all connected and part of the bigger whole (Universal consciousness/GOD).

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