Salvia Trip

Peeling into the future


Posted by Anonymous on 15/04/2008
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Type/Strength:5x non-standard extract
Dosage:two bong hits
Method of Ingestion:smoked/bong

I'd like to thank this community for the great info that is here, and warnings which I happily adhered to. I had bought some last week but waited till this weekend so that i could have a sitter, my brother John. I got to his house and it came time to do the job, carefully we loaded one hit into the bong and lit it up, he was going to try it first while I sited. With in 40 seconds it hit him hard, and he couldn't walk at all almost, he slowly walked to his bed and sat down and laid down putting his hands over his face breathing heavily. He said it sounded like he was floating and he was hearing rushing wind blow past him as he breathed. Soon it wore off thohugh and he was somewhat back to normal.
Then it was my turn. We went back to the counter and put in another hit then I took it. It didn't take long to kick in and I was feeling funny fast. I thought that was it and started to load in another hit. But before I could it hit again harder then before. Next thing I know I was attached to the counter in the corner seeing myself peel out of the counter. but... I know it's odd but what I was seeing of me peeling out of the counter hadn't happened let as I was still in the counter watching this happen, stretching out of me. I watched  this play out several times. I would peel out of the counter to the other side then my brother would be like "Are you okay?" then I would peel down the side of the house and stop at the floor saying, "Holy shit!". Then it happened again,and again, and again while I watched from the corner. Then finally I began to peel while seeing the future me's do the actions while I did it all behind them. Like some messed up follow the leader. Well I peeled down the counter like all the other me's then my brother came up to me and said "Are you okay?" like he said to the rest except this time he didn't go back but followed me to my climax on the floor with me saying "Holy shit!"
Yeah that was about the most craziest thing that happened to me that day, except this small closed eye vision of time and space being composed of layers, and as time went on more layers rolled over the others like a carpet being rolled out. I was stuck in the layers watching this happen.
Well anyways that wasn't the end of the day for my brother though. And I know many people will look down on this but it was out of my control as my brother did this while I was seeing the layers everything was made of rolling on top of each other. But he sneaked a hit and quickly turned on some porn (Jordan Capri) and started watching it. I came out of my vision while he was in the middle of this. I nearly laughed till I fainted, he was starring at the screen with his mouth open drooling alittle!. LOL  He said it was like she came out of the screen and was real and dancing for him. Interesting effect, and I can't help but wonder what the Matrix would be like on Salvia.
The rest of the day we experimented with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Which I don't recommend as it made me throw up and feel sick. Sometimes I shook and if I didn't move around but sat still it would make my muscles hurt like I had been working out all day. I guess really its more for someone who likes to lose control as if you stay still for too long your muscles start burning, especially your thighs.

So well has anyone else had experience similar to mine and my brother's: seeing yourself in the future repeating,  matter and time mad of layers being rolled on top of each other, and videos coming alive?


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