Salvia Trip

Perception Personified


Posted by Anonymous on 19/12/2010
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Type/Strength:30x standardized
Method of Ingestion:water pipe

Having tripped before on salvia, and having found it a pleasant experience, I decided a late night trip would be worthwhile.

So I loaded up my bowl, torched the center, and waited 30 seconds.

What happened next was like slipping into a dream world. I had been watching TV and some of the characters where flying out into my room, becoming 3d. Then things started to get darker in nature. I felt like I was a caged animal in the zoo. Devilish clowns were staring and mocking me. And suddenly the whole room was moving. As if I was on train tracks. And my cage became a shipping container. I tried to leave through air holes in the roof but every time I tried to reach for it, the room would lunge to the left, or I would lunge to the right.

Eventually the walls of my moving prison started to melt and bend with my movements, but they did not go away or open up. During this time I know I kept looking at the TV because I could recognize scenes from the movie every now and then like a snapshot frozen in the middle of the air.

I started to come down as I realized I could not escape this dark rubber metallic box, and suddenly I was in the middle of my living room, with my dad standing next to me asking me whats wrong. Every other blink I was traveling between reality and my trip. I became very sweaty and hot and started to strip to my skivvies. By now I was simply cooling off and catching my breath.

I asked my father why he was up in the middle of the night and he responded that I was standing in the middle of the room screaming. I had been tripping for 15 minutes, it felt like all of 20 seconds.

Initially I took what was left of my salvia and threw it in the trash, never wanting to have a bad experience again. Then the joy of realization hit me.

The box my mind created for me was my own perception. I was trapped in my self created hell. Even though I had some control over its shape I was trapped within, just like life. We are trapped in our lives even though we may control how it looks to others.


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