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Perfect Day


Posted by Anonymous on 31/05/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

This was my first experience with Salvia, and I must say the conditions where perfect for me. I was in a very private park, with no clouds in the sky. Its a forest basically filled with tree's but there's a spot right in the middle with rock steps that lead up to a hill with a star shaped bench. Almost like it was built for "trips", and judging by all the empty lsd baggies scattered on the ground other users enjoy the location as well.

I was nervous, so I took a few minutes to calm down. I sat upright on the bench and lit the bowl, took a big hit and held it for 20 seconds, as soon as the smoke escaped my lungs I put the pipe down and layed on my back staring up into the sky. I felt like I was being put asleep like if you where having surgery, but was awake at the same time, I have no recollection of what was happening or what I was thinking at that time, I think it was just me lying there thinking of absolutely nothing, not a single neuron firing in my brain, about a minute later I "wake up" to an intense pulling sensation, pulling down towards the bench, and then I start hearing a little girls voice. It sounded like she was with her parents, I started to freak out as I definitely did not want any strangers to see me in this state. Her voice continued throughout my whole peak. I think it was the the tree's blowing in the wind.

I start thinking hard about whether or not she is real, or if it was just the Salvia, after some hard thinking I told myself it was my imagination, I then realized everything I was saying was coming out of my mouth. Every single thing I was thinking of was being spoken out loud, and I couldn't control it. I stood up and looked at the tree's, they where bunching together at a very fast pace, I then looked at my legs, to see them joining together to form one leg. I walked around to see what it was like to walk on my one leg, it felt like I was walking with two legs, but I saw myself hopping on one leg. This hallucination disappeared quickly, so I decided to go for a small walk, as soon as I started walking my body got really hot, and I started sweating almost instantaneously, I didn't see any more visuals, and the little girl stopped talking to her parents.

As it was dying down, I kept getting pricks on my skin, almost like a mosquito had bitten me, but I wasn't that bothered by it. I remember telling myself that I would never do Salvia nor any other "drug" again, It was almost like I was being told it wasn't necessary. I still thought this two hours after my trip, but later in the day the feelings went away.

Overall I don't feel like I got what I was looking for from Salvia, however I think it was a great opportunity to get comfortable with it, and a good lesson in ways to achieve my goals in future sessions.


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