Salvia Trip

Pipe brought to life


Posted by Nick89 on 12/02/2009
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Type/Strength:extract x5
Method of Ingestion:smoking

This was my very first experience with salvia, and actually also with any psychedelic substance. It was about 13:00, full daylight. Two buddies with whom I share my flat with were absent so I realised it was time for some tripping.

Sitting on the couch of the living room, I packed my ceramic pipe with a small amount of extract and smoked it. I waited for about a minute or so, but nothing had happened. Slightly dissapointed, I tried once again. Suddenly... it was like a thunderbolt had hit me, I felt as if I was in some other universe which had always been there and to which I belonged but only at that time realised it. At the same time intense howling began to fill the room, or rather, my head. It was the pipe that apparently became alive. Then I realised I had to go back to the bathroom to erase the traces of smoking salvia in case one of my mates came back.

But the pipe wouldn't let me go. The cry of the pipe seemed to express extreme sadness. If I were to translate this into words: 'Don't leave me, please, no! I will die here alone!' I saw desperation on its face... yeah, actually it had eyes and mouth wide open, an expression of terror on the face.

Anyway, having a genuine feeling of remorse, I repeated in my head: 'I'll be back in a minute! Don't worry, pleas, my dear!' I really felt sorry for the pipe. Then I went to the bathroom. Some dizziness in my head and slight difficulties with walking and coordination. When I went back from the bathroom the pipe was already calm.

I decided to finally lie down on the couch and close my eyes. Visuals weren't too vivid, if there were any at all. Instead, I noticed that for some time a strange song in my head had been played over and over. Something like a chorus from a tune of a cartoon. It had a catchy, although in a way 'foolish, melody and lyrics (roughly): 'we are the salvia ghosts/ we will show you our world', and 2 more lines in the same vein.

After the trip I didn't remember that song, though. The trip itself was quite short, but intense, as you have learned, lasted for about 10 minutes. For the next 15 or 20 I still felt slightly differently. And then for the next hour or so I just walked around the flat and thought about the experience.:D

Well, so that's roughly it. Maybe this report didn't bore you to death.;) Please leave any comments.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 02/13/2009
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The more I read these reports I am happy..

I mostly smoke by myself but have smoked with a friend present a couple of times..

Light to medium visuals are many times slightly confusing but mostly just entertaining.. spinning wheels.. colors bright.. tingling skin.. mild sweats..

You are like most in that for about 10 or 15 minutes the effect is altering but yet when we come back to our regular comfort zone we get a few moments so precious to connect between the two states that occur in our own minds..

What is really going to make you a believer of the value of salvia is when you use it on a regular basis (daily or even less but always coming back to visit and see more of the inside of your "mold" holding your brain..

At some point in time that is meant for you there will be no difference from the cartoon like effect and how you view life in your normal everyday "what you think is your no salvia world" life..

enjoy the visuals and thanks for a nice report

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