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Posted by Anonymous on 09/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

Ok, one of the things that annoys me when i read experience reports are all the crazy explanations. "I was lost in infinite space without a body" ect.

I've done 20x twice. So i'm not expert. But, my experience was nothing in the way of a "Cosmic Experience".

The same thing happend both times.

1) I felt like i was being compressed. Or like my consciousness was rapidly going under.

2) There is a black-out period of about 2 minutes. I remember nothing about this. The only reason i know about it is because it was caught on video both times.

3) My visual field returns. Anything I look at echoes into space. I see "slots" or multiple copies of things.

4) Confusion. Not really sure what is going on.

5) My body feels robotic. Or like it is made of wood.

6) I don't know anybody in the room...and i don't understand what they're saying.

7) My friends are i feel as though a practical joke has been played on me.

8) I come down...and it is over.

Now, this is probably not the best environment to really study this stuff. But, my 2 experiences have been really bizarre.....but not really enlightening in any way. On mushrooms....there is complete awe and mind-blowing realization. I don't get this on salvia.
Salvia just makes me feel like i'm extremely intoxicated on some kind of deleriant or something. No insights into anything. I have no "thinking-mind" on salvia. Just confusion. On Mushrooms I can think ....and interact. On Salvia....i can just witness, but not really understand anything.


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Posted by hero4evz on 01/09/2009
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Back down the dosage! Your going overboard if your blacking out and thus missing out on most of the effects.

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