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Posted by Shane333 on 02/09/2008
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Type/Strength:unenhanced Oaxacan
Method of Ingestion:smoked/quid

I've found that a lot of people think that Salvia divinorum is an unpleasant entheogen. I believe that this comes from an irreverent approach to something so profound and sacred. I also believe that it comes from overly powerful extracts that people are using without proper preparation, which comes from the common misconception that more is always better. If you overpower your mind too much, it's hard to, or impossible to bring back the lessons taught by entheogenic plants to our world that is limited by language and symbols. As with all things, moderation of both potency and frequency is the key to learning from these incredibly wise substances.

With Salvia divinorum it is hard to go beyond subtle effects without being pulled in by the undertow of her immense power. It's hard to find "the middle path" that can teach us and empower us without undergoing a very personal spiritual overload that is often times undesireable for those of us dealing with the stresses of modern American life. True spirituality is hard to accomplish for people living in consumer cultures. Reflection requires time and focus, and in our culture there is little time to focus on our inner selves. These plants demand focus for quite some time after an experience with them, so there are only rare times and places that will allow for the full utilization of powerful entheogenic episodes. Just yesterday I think I may have fallen into a way to effectively moderate the potency of Salvia without being stuck at simple sensory enhancement such as appreciating textures, patterns, and music accompanied by a contemplative calm (although this is quite pleasurable).

Smoking regular unenhanced Salvia divinorum leaves generally doesn't lead to anything other than the mild sensory enhancement mentioned above. Although some users with large lung capacity and or high salvinorin A sensitivity can achieve considerably powerful results with regular leaves. But for the most part the effects are relatively subtle, even after multiple inhalations. However these more subtle effects can facilitate the perception of the sacred, for example, in rituals, ritual objects, nature, etc. so they are certainly still beneficial to spiritual seekers. The traditional Mazatec quid method usually leads to similar experiences (although much longer lasting) unless you want to repeatedly chew mouthfuls of bitter leaves without swallowing your spit for 20 minutes each mouthful. My "discovery" (which I'm sure others have already discovered) involves combining these two methods.

Yesterday (Nov.20) I rehydrated eight Salvia leaves in a bowl of water. I then rolled them into a little cylindrical ball (a quid) and proceeded to chew it slowly, parking it under my tongue between chews. After around 20 minutes of this without swallowing even my spit (to maintain the presence of salvinorin A) I spit it out and began chewing another eight leaf quid for about 25 minutes. After spitting this out there was certainly noticible effects, but more subtle than I was after. I felt a very firm foundation of salvinorin A in my system (which generally doesn't happen with the very fleeting effects of smoked salvia) but I wanted to take it farther, so I took a large hit of Salvia leaf. After a couple minutes I took another and then another. After the third hit the effects became relatively strong but seemed to be tied to the longer lasting foundation I had already established with the quids, so there wasn't any overwhelming "undertow" that's experienced with enhanced leaf, but the effects were suitably strong.

I first noticed the usual Salvia body buzz come over me which was quickly followed by strong sensory enhancement. I noticed a transparent circle on the edges of my field of vision that can innacurately be described as a magnifying glass which seemed to have some of the light spectrum subtley running through it. I felt a strong urge to lay down so I layed on the floor and closed my eyes to see all black except for what appeared to be light through the cracks of a door in a pitch black room. This black door then turned the color of the light coming through the cracks and was now moving above me as if it were a flat surface made of light being carried over and away from me by an invisible helicopter. I then perceived an invisible being moving around and it seemed as though it had a large hand that was carrying some type of power that streamed in a jagged rainbow of color. This being then made an incredible leap and went up next to the door of light that had suddenly reappeared and then jumped down slamming the streaming jagged colors into my head. This was very pleasant (this was all happening with eyes closed). Then my experience was interrupted by the phone. With open eyes it was similar to a mild psydhedelic buzz, or a very strong cannabis high. This feeling slowly dissipated over about two hours, during which I thought about a lot of things that needed to be thought about.

This experience was obviously not the usual Salvia experience for those of you who have been there. I had no sweats, no fear, and no unpleasantness, yet the effects were rolling strong and I never lost contact with "the outside world." I plan to explore this more subtle (but certainly not too subtle) method of Salvia use further. Of course there was more to it than I described, I just wanted to explain the visual effects because they're about the only part that wasn't inexplicable, although I didn't do a very good job. You have to go there yourself if you want the details.

This method also allows for the use of leaves in their natural state which is desirable to me. Chemically processing this sacrament is changing it from it's pure natural state that The Almighty intended it to be used in. Not that smoking enhanced leaf is wrong, I just feel more of a connection to it in it's natural form, even if it isn't blowing minds in the way enhanced leaves are.


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Posted by Ragabash on 05/19/2009
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nice. I've read some reports that swallowing the quid might enhance the experience further, if you can stomach the taste. I'd prefer swallowing the medicine to smoking, I think...

BTW, I think it's very wise of you to seek out the middle road, & to not try to push yourself too far out into space.

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