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Playtime with 10x


Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2008
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Dosage:2 hits
Method of Ingestion:bong

This has been my first time making the step up from 5x to 10x, and wow, it was a bigger jump than I had expected. Even now, not more than 20 minutes after my trip ended, I can't really remember (or begin to describe) too many details, but I will try to get as much down as I can.

The trip started with the now familiar departure from reality, and one thing I've loved about the salvia experience so far is the "state specific memory" I seem to get a rush of early on each time, that feeling of being welcomed back, and even remembering things from previous experiences that had been completely lost up until that point. The next 20 minutes were spent being led around the salvia world by the being I have come to know better now, though this world was different than any that I have been to up until today. I hesitate to call her Lady Salvia as I have heard her called by some, because as of this last trip, she is a child, younger than me but obviously wiser. The best way I feel I can describe this particular experience is playtime. This child was showing me her world, and was eager for me to see and experience everything that I could in the short amount of time we had, not just showing me around this time, but making sure I was having fun and interacting with everything. This trip has also been the first time that I have really had the feeling of being completely separated from my body, and there was actually a specific moment where I could tell I was using my eyes again, and that I was back in my body, though my eyes were still closed. I still haven't gotten to the point of having vivid visuals, but the detail that I have been able to perceive during the experience has been great. In other words, I don't feel like I'm "seeing" quite clearly yet, but I have been able to know exactly what's going on to the point where I feel like I don't need to be able to see any better, if that makes sense, though I still would like to.

My last experience before this one was not so great, and I had gotten the feeling that maybe I wouldn't be able to go any further into the salvia world, though I had hoped this wasn't true. Now this concern has been blown out of the water,  and I feel great about everything. (Another thing I love about salvia, it's anti-depressant qualities, I could vouch for that any day)


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