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Posted by oldgtofan on 12/11/2010
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Method of Ingestion:smoked

I'm about 30 minutes out of my first experience with salvia and it’s not easy to think clearly enough to type.
First a little background.
I'm 42 and haven’t smoked or swallowed anything I wasn’t allowed to for over 20 years. First I was military then had government employers that really frowned on that sort of thing.
I'm single and live alone and wanted a taste of my youth. I have had several experiences with shrooms, LSD and mescaline in my life and this seemed appealing because of the vivid results I read about.
I didn't want to start with too strong a dose and decided 1 gram of 10X was a good place to jump in. I clearly remember packing it into my pipe and recall the smoke was actually pretty smooth but the taste wasn’t great. From there I have memories of feeling like I was saying the same word over and over until it became nothing but a pulsating sound that melting into a color that rotated and swirled into oblivion. It was 1:34 AM when I lit the pipe! I have little memory of the next half hour or so and only vaguely remember wondering if I was real as I became elemental and one with everything and nothing at the same time.
I became aware again after convincing myself I was more than just this feeling and saw the clock...2:09 AM.
I now feel comfortable, I know what is going on and that I'm ok and safe...a very peaceful feeling. I again became overwhelmed by wave after wave of sound, color and motion and drift in an out of existence. I feel at least 4 more different and less and less intense pulses of feelings and sort of remember realizing this was exactly why a "sitter" was recommended. I knew I was completely incapacitated and alone except for the cat. Probably not the brightest decision but at least I was in a secure area and everything dangerous was well put away. I know I finally came out after recognizing my cat's meow and being able to identify the music in the background. I know at some point I spread out on my bed but other than that I don’t think I moved.
The pipe and lighter were lying at the foot of by bed. I also remember at one point wondering where I had put it. This was about the time I realized that I had taken something that was making me feel this way and it wouldn’t be like this for an eternity.
I only remember one point of apprehension during my trip and I think there were sirens outside. I do live of off a major city street and the fire trucks and ambulances are stationed a couple blocks from my apartment. I knew that if I focused on one thing I would be able to maintain. I remember repeating a word over and over and over until I came out of the mist although I cant recall what the word was. The last time I looked at the clock it said 2:34 and I felt fine although a little confused like coming out of any trip is.
It took me a good half hour to decide to document this and I’m pretty clear headed at the moment. It’s almost 4:00 AM. I definitely enjoyed my experience and I’m sure I will recommend it to anyone who asks. I can however see the need for a very sober, capable person who you are very comfortable around when trying this.
If I had this good of a time on 1g of 10X, what will the next ride be like? Wow….what a ride this was???!!!!


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Posted by grimjim on 11/18/2010
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Yes, you know now. Welcome.

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