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PSI Compressed Time


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/03/2009
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Type/Strength:X / 20
Method of Ingestion:smoke / ice bong

This day had been exciting and peculiar as I watched synchronized events align. It was very energizing to watch as people I had met seemed to be the glue to hold together the journey I have been going on now for about 18 months.

After doing my regular evening business at home after work, I decided it was time again to do a nice solid bong hit..

it was 2:12 AM and I exhaled and turned out the lights and went to my bed laying on my back and just waited for the inevitable transformation, tingling, sweat, melting butter in my body effects, and then visuals.

Eyes wide open the visions engulfed me totally. I let go and let it all happen. Waves of zebra onion-like waves moved in the darkness. The world separated into layered structures stacked endlessly to a place unknown.. far off..

I felt a moment of fear like I wasn't coming back. Is this what dying is I thought to myself.. then the fear was erased as the people i had met earlier that day entered into my vision.. I felt a connection to them as if this was the play or scene to be viewed from previous rehersals done who knows how many times?

I erupted into laughter and then began to return to my bed.. receding back to my dark room..

ah, but not so fast. Suddenly I layered away again back to them and let go again to see where things would go.. again I felt this kinship and assurance that it was part of a well rehearsed life and I was now receiving confirmation that I was in sync with everything.

Then my dark room began to creep back into my concious mind and I again receded from the layered visions back to my bed.. it had ended.. wow I thought to myself.. that is the longest time I have spent traveling in the wonderful covering of Salvia yet..

Wrong.. !!! As i rolled happily onto my right side snuggling up to my pillow I glanced up at the time on the clock.. ?????.. WTF.. 2:13 AM? I did a double-take.. rubbed my eyes.. yep !! 2:13AM..

What had seemed like my usual 10 to 15 minute visions had covered 60 secs + or - who knows?

I closed my eyes to sleep with an awesome peace and relaxation. The immensity and the immeasurable smallness of what I see as reality seemed equal and time was compressed. Or was it expanded?

I concluded it wasn't important and laughed again and again satisfied with a new experience and the wonderful gift of life but still thinking that even in physical death I would still be coherant and concious whether it be a second or an eternity.

I fell asleep and woke in the morning with an incredible calmness. All is as it should be and I accept it.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 03/02/2009
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A Gift from a friend.. mahalos

I burn Salvia apiana before I smoke Salvia.. it sets a mood that I enjoy.. it is peaceful.

I put the apiana in a small glass jar and torched it..

Today the waves of smoke filled the air with a heavenly scent and I watched the layered wifts drift off and disappear..

where it comes from and where it goes I do not know.. I don't need to know..

it is a natural mystic..

praise to Jesus...


Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/03/2009
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What an awesome experience. I sometimes wonder if the salvia experience is a practice/training for when we undergo physical death. I think it is. For me it's all about letting go, trusting the process, and flowing gracefully with the experience. Simply awesome. I find if I can do that, I come out of it with profound knowledge and profound perspective, plus an enlightened state of mind.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/03/2009
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Oops - forgot to rate it. 5 stars. :-)


Posted by Shrewt on 04/13/2010
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I have read many posts on this website. The 2 best poster are Greendragon333 and Divinorum-Dude. I'm asking either of you fore advice for I am new to salvia and would like some tips. Thanx. Happy tripping

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