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Posted by parker2783 on 10/07/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

ok just came back from sally land ten mins ago, this time i decided to go it alone (no sitter) i just took one hit and held it for 20sec, its amazing how quick this stuff comes on, its like 1 sec everything is "as it should be" then bam! anyway......i wouldn't say this was a pleasant experience, maybe due to my anxiety of being alone, but i felt a presence to the left of me and it was pushing me from the left side, i could almost see the presence,it was like it was coming out of the wall from the left of me,but when i looked directly at were i felt it coming from there was nothing there! this did not feel like a reflection of myself like my last trip, and started to freak me out a little, it was like it was pushing me and i was trying to stop it by pushing back, it came on very intensely and caught me off guard. also there was like a rhythmic beating going round and round in my head, i couldn't get it to stop.this wasn't frightening but abit overwhelming, i usually do two smallish hits(as i am still relatively new to this) but this time just took one hit abit larger than normal. mainly i think the thought was there that i was tripping on my own and didn't have a sober eye to look out for me so think that affected my reaction to it and wont be doing it alone for some time. it hasn't put me off, but will think very carefully about going it alone in future.


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Posted by parker2783 on 07/10/2011
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i forgot to mention that when the pushing from the left started i thought i was gonna end up on the floor so i got up off the sofa to try and stop it, this worked as the pushing stopped, but i was left with a very strange feeling as though i was flat, like a sheet of paper! the intensity had calmed down abit by now and i relaxed in to the last stage of the trip. my last trip i was peeling away from the right, this time i was being pushed from the left.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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This feeling of another consciousness 'pushing you' is very common, it just happened to both me and my friend in the same day, very weird. Maybe it has something to do with things always being pushed and pulled by all the forces around us that we don't usually notice?

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