Salvia Trip

Put the universe on..we\'re going for a ride.


Posted by Anonymous on 16/01/2012
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Type/Strength:X10 extract
Method of Ingestion:Vaporiser at 260 C

This is an experience which took place on 11th January 2012 at 8pm.
I put a small amount of Salvia X10 extract into a vaporiser and took two large inhalations from the whip which I held in for approx 15/20 seconds each.
I then lay back on my bed.

I then took off the outer shell known as the universe and ‘stood’ briefly on the outside looking in.
I pondered briefly as to who was controlling the body that lay on the bed. I started to laugh as I realised that that someone was me. It was almost a kind of revelation that it was me on the bed and that I had some sort of control over the body that lay there. I found the whole idea preposterous and really funny. In fact I actually asked the question out loud ‘Is that me on the bed?’ I had a feeling of Déjà vu and had an understanding that I had been ‘here’ before and that this was what it was like in the beginning before I entered this body.
I folded in and out of the shell of myself and the surrounding universe and began to reoccupy myself from the inside. I realised that we occupy our bodies and by association the universe from a place that is external and outside our normal realm of perception. We slip from ‘nothingness’ into ‘somethingness’ and vice versa by some means I am unable to explain. However, what is pertinent to note is that the experience of being outside of ones body is not to feel that one is still in this universe but not in one’s body. It is as though for a moment we are able to step outside of all of it and for that moment we are not part of the universe.
What I am not able to say at the moment is where I am when I am outside of the universe because I have a limited awareness of where I am in this new ‘other’realm.
What strikes home to me is the fact that my intelligence and sense of ‘me-ness’ is not related to my body, and that ‘I’ or some form of ‘I’ can and does exists outside of this physical realm.
What ‘I’ am outside of this universe I do not know only further exploration will throw light on this.

This experience only lasted for a matter of minutes, but once I had re-entered my body fully, I could not stop saying ‘That was the strangest sensation’, that really is strange. It is also an extremely enlightening experience.

Once the effects had worn off I was fully functional and able to perform all tasks. There was no feeling of drowsiness. I has a great sleep later that night and had a feeling of ‘well being’ the following day.


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Posted by Roytheboy on 01/16/2012
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This report was posted by RoytheBoy..I forgot to add the tag.
I am really interested to hear if others have has a similar experience.


Posted by Azestypanda on 01/18/2012
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Great report, I am done doing salvia now due to extremely depressing experiences, but I want to point out some similarities I have recognized between my experience and yours. Like that de ja vu feeling, it's like where ever you go in a salvia trip, you know you've been there atleast a 1,000 times before, there's no other way it can be that familiar. And the copying thing, I've noticed that my salvia experiences seem to produce some kind of weird effect, I guess an "echo" is the only way I can describe it right now. But basically every action that I make has an echo to it, so for example, while tripping, if I got out of my bed and looked at where I was laying and then layed back down where I was laying, and then continued to lay there without moving. I would constantly see myself continuously repeating that exact pattern until I made a new one. I found it quite scary because I would always forget that I had to make a new pattern in order to stop seeing the old one, so I would always think I was in some kinda endless loop.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/24/2012
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Exit the loop. if 0=0 then 0<or>0. The repeating is just your mind seeing reality like an endless math / physics problem.

Be Blessed


Posted by oobe on 02/18/2012
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The feeling of being outside this somethingness and into the nothingness is so sterile and feels overwhelmingly huge. My heart just sped up remembering that feeling. It's like you cease to exist as a human and you are outside of where your current avatar is. But the avatar is somewhere else that is parallel. That's how I feel, but then the repeating loop is what I don't get. What are the little people and why do they feel evil? Why does everything feel evil out there? Why the deja vu feeling out there? Why does it feel before birth? It's not even evil. It's a neutral feeling that feels stronger than evil. The neutrality is scarier than anything evil in this realm of human existance. That real out there is further away than the places we go where we dream. It's like the headquarters of the existance behind existance. But that existance doesn't exist, because when you're there, you cease to exist in this realm, but that infinity is still something that can be accounted to existance but in another category. I probably make zero sense. =/

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