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Quirky Quid


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 18/07/2009
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Type/Strength:Whole leaf / ?
Method of Ingestion:Quid

Quid Quid Quid. What the hell is a quid? Or Sadi I was asked at some point in time. Sadi is an old school way of describing SAlvia DIvinorum. SADI. And there are no stupid questions. How else would one possibly know unless they were the original inventor of the term? OK OK.

A quid is dried salvia divinorum leaves soaked in cold water, then pat dried, and rolled up into a sublingual treat. YUMMY. It may make some say "YUCK" or others could aquire a tatste for it. My advice is eat Bittermelon and then do a quid.

The whole idea is to place it under your tongue and proceed to hold it there for 30 minutes before spitting out he whole wad. I personally find it difficult to not swallow at least some of the juices. EEWWW. LOL

OK OK OK.. Here it goes. I placed the quid under my tongue right after a large 3ml dropper of peppermint extract held for a minute to excite the oral mucosa (sublingual). As with any tincture it burned somewhat, but it was just Altoids x 20. No big deal.

I spit out the quid at 30 minutes. The taste was ok. Nothing horrible. It was July and still a bit warm at 10pm. I walked inside my house and sat down at the PC to wait for? 1st time so I didnt know a thing.

A warm sweat beagn and I noticed that all the house, walls, tables, floor, tv, pc,etc seemed so dead and lifeless. It was repulsive for real. So I proceeded back outside.

As i closed my front door I was just covered in a heavy dripping sweat and seemed to be merging with a wave like energy physically and visually. I shortly retured inside to wipe off the sweat. then ahhhhhhhhhhhh !! Back into the cool night air. The sensation was so excellent. I inhaled the cool night air and noticed I was seeing a cartoon-like world. It was all familiar, but just airbrushed into a nice fuzzy visual reality.

I headed to sit on the curb on the street across from my house. As I sat everything seemed to fold in around me. It was awesome. I was still totally coherant and seeing the buildings and the sky and everything as regular, but just bursting with color as if the sun were still shing on it all.

The brown building in front of me looked like a game board piece. Very weird. But also very like.. whoaaaaaaaa !!

All of the lighted apartment windows just seem to glow with life. And as i watched each and every module came alive with sound. It wasnt a total sound, but a sound like each one was a radio station and I could hear detailed info all at once simultaneously. And i dont mean just the total sound from each module. I mean, I could hear each and every voice and laugh and subject all at the same time. It was so insane I couldnt break away from it all.

I sat in a trance seperating each unique voice, laugh, tv, radios, and even conversations. And I mean all at once, not just a random scan from module to module. I was in awe. How could this be happening?

A car turned the corner nearby and headed toward me. I thought I hope they dont run me over. LOL. Well why would they? It seemed rational. As they passed I waved and smiled and got it back in return and felt the warmth of the people in the car. Nice.

After awhile the synched sounds faded and the building returned to its old way of being. I wasnt sure about how much time I had been there and went back into my house. Wow!! 40 minutes. It seemed like 2 minutes.

I went and took a shower as I was still sweating alot. The rinse in cold water was great.

Well thats all folks. No melting or other worldly visuals or voices or elves. But it was a fun journey. Oh by the way, I have never done a quid since. Maybe I should try one again?


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Posted by johnsgone on 09/17/2012
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Sounds like something you would want to repeat.

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