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Rainbow of patterns and faces...


Posted by Anonymous on 29/01/2010
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Method of Ingestion:glass pipe

I walked out on to my balcony, loaded the pipe full with 20x salvia, and took one big hit of it and held it for about 15 seconds. After exhaling, I sat the pipe down and walked back inside and sat on my couch. A few seconds later, I began to notice that everything in the room began to merge together. It was as if everything was made of liquid plastic and it all began flowing together. However, about 2 minutes later, the effects seemed to dissipate, so I loaded the pipe up again with a little more and went back on my balcony. After the next hit, I don’t have any memory of actually exhaling the smoke. It is extremely hard to recollect, it seemed as though I had been running outside in the woods with my roommate for hours until a voice told me that “something was coming and to go back inside.” (Later my roommate told me that I actually went inside and sat down just a few seconds after the second hit.) A giant, 2D, fractural pattern then began to overcome my vision, much like a rainbow of stained glass without the vivid colors. Beginning on the left, the first section was a solid color with an indescribable pattern, the next was a section that had a huge distorted, watercolor-like face of my roommate smiling and laughing, followed by another colored pattern, followed by a mirror image of the exact face of my roommate, and ending with another solid color on the right. (The exact colors I don’t remember.) This pattern seemed to pulsate for a while and I remember feeling myself laughing. For a few seconds, I then was able to understand and remember that I had smoked salvia and could actually see the surroundings in my living room. However, after I focused on the TV, the picture began to “bleed’ out into the air and onto the pattern that had reappeared again. The hallucinations lasted only for what seemed like another 10-20 seconds before I comprehended the situation again and permanently regained my composure. During the majority of the hallucinations though, it felt like I didn’t even exist and that I was truly having an out of body experience. My life itself was just lost and forgotten during the whole ordeal, which is very, very strange to me. Lastly, though I seemed to laugh hysterically during the entire trip, it didn’t necessarily feel positive or joyful, nor was it off-putting or frightening. It just “was.” I would recommend trying it once in a safe environment, just for the experience.


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Posted by psychonaut on 06/01/2010
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Thank you for taking the time to write that. I can read a hundred different reports of tripping on salvia and feel like mine was exactly the same, although everyone has a slightly different explanation. I feel like you've done a pretty accurate job in describing the whole experience.

I think the forgetting of your life is called ego-death. It is by far the most shocking and disturbing effect of salvia and psychedelics in general. It is my least favorite part about the trip, but as pieces of my ego are uploaded back into my brain as I come off the drug, I can relax and view each one from every angle. Examining your personality with salvia is fascinating.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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Nice post. I've been thinking about how hard it is to remember your past when your perceptions and perspective has changed so much.

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