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Posted by RadicalThinker on 30/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Home-made Water Bong

Salvia had always been of great interest to me, ever since i became aware of it due to a BBC programme discussing the dangers of legal highs (presented by George Lamb). The conclusion to this programme was that Salvia was the safest and most enjoyable.
So i bought 1G of 5X and 1G of 10X-Vanilla Flavour (makes no difference the flavouring i think.
I have often experimented before by taking very small amounts (approx 0.005G I have a extremely high accuracy scales and often log my dosage sizes so i can find out my perfect dosage amount) but i was with two friends and i decided that i trusted them so it would be time to dry a much higher dosage.
I began smoking small amounts at approx 9pm and began laughing at things which were not actually funny. So i decided to up the dosage drasticaly at about 10pm. I put just over 3G of 5X in the bong. I inhaled and held it for 18 seconds which was the longest i could hold it for without coughing.
I then relaxed immediately after exhaling and began feeling very removed from reality, although i could control all my limbs perfectly without a slowed reaction at all.
I then felt my eyes falling backwards onto the sofa and i ended up lying down without realising. Fortunately my sofa is extremely comfortable and big so it was like being in a padded area. I looked up at the light above my head and i could see different colours coming from the light. Specificaly i think it was blue, green, red and purple in that order. I the thought to myself what would happen if it started growing before my very eyes. I then noticed it was and so was the light from the other light to. They we about to join up and so i put my arms up in the air and attempted to divide it, and it worked for a second but then connected slowly but surely.
All these visions at the time we 2D and yet very real. The perfect description of the concept is in the Salvia Users guide on SageWisdom for Level 3. It was "eye candy".
This different colours which were all evenly spaced apart in lines began to grow around the entire ceiling and i watching them. It looked very much like my entire reality was beginning to be constructed from light, although i was wondering at the time wether it was being constructed or if the veil which had been over reality was simply being removed. It was indeed vivid and i was amazed by it.
According to my spectators i was lying on the sofa looking up and rolling around. I knew i wanted to touch the light or even fly to it which is why i was rolling around the sofa. The soft leather of the sofa was very comforting as i was rolling around.
I was talking in a really high voice the whole time trying to explain what was going on and i eventually gave up and was trying to get sucked of reality.
The experience was amazing, far better than any drug i have tried. Though it was very different and it should only be taken in the correct instance where you are relaxed, your sitter(s) should be relaxed 2 and understand what is going to happen to you.
I will definately do this again but i think i might up the dosage next time to 0.1 of 20X. It will firstly save money and second it doesnt require so much enhaling and messing around.

Thanks for reading. Apologies for the poor structuring, this is my first report and i am sure i will get the hang of it.


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Posted by RadicalThinker on 08/30/2009
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Apologies for the spelling + grammar mistakes i forgot to proof read and i am not sure how to edit it now it is posted. I am sure you get the idea.


Posted by wolfmoon559 on 10/31/2009
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just wanted to let you know what you saw my friend , i have done much research and what you have seen was your crown chakra which is rainbow and multicolored it is actually a lotus flower you should look up chakra systems and you will see what im talking about there is a book called "chakras energy centers of transformation" by harish johari its a book that explains it all, i saw my soma chakra which is a light blue spinning lotus.....we are all attached to a spinning lotus meaning we come from a flower or we are a flower , your crown chakra means you have developed spiritually very well and you have ascended beyond the elements my friend so feel very blessed to have seen a your crown chakra and if you want to know more get back to me :) in love and light :)haddad

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