Salvia Trip

Rainbows And Music Waves, With A Hint Of Paranoia And Self Awareness


Posted by supersoldier21 on 30/01/2010
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Type/Strength:20x purple sticky salvia extract
Method of Ingestion:pipe

I will never forget what has happened this night. I will not do salvia again anytime soon, a little too intense for me.

Salvia divinorum is a very, very powerful drug.

I had a gram of puff (legal high at my local head shop) to get really relaxed, and in a good mood.

Then I smoked half of the salvia that I had in the purple case with my new green pipe from high life.

What happened the next hour can only be described as walking into another dimension.

I looked around and I could see colors, spots of rainbow everywhere. Everything in the room was moving to the beat of my music I was playing. I looked at my speakers and I could see the music come out of it, in spouts of vibrations and rainbows. Colors of the room were detailed and very bright. I kept repeating everything I did over and over, and I started to talk to people who I knew were only in my head,and I started to re-live moments of my past and future events that I thought would happen. I also saw myself doing something (walking to the door, paranoid as fuck, then I would do it, then think it was all in my head.) It was like I was in a movie theatre watching someone else do everything I did even though I knew I was doing it. I tripped for actually an hour, 630-730, twice as long as most people.
I tried to sleep and fell asleep thank god, then the fire alarm went off went off in our barracks at midnight. I woke up, happy that the trip was over. If you decide to do this drug, take very small amounts, and respect it, It is very powerful and should be handled responsibly. Just remember you get what you ask for....WOW!!!!


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