Salvia Trip

Raped by colors


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 06/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

My first bad trip.

I saw swirling yellow hearts with pink outlines. Then every word and movement swirled to infinity. I guess something in my bed rubbed the right (or wrong from my perspecrive) places. The colors rubbed and touched me till I came. I immediately came down, very very hard.

I'm not happy with this, I feel violated.
Since I tripped so hard and fast, I made sure there was no other explination. Door is still locked, 1st floor windows are still shut, just me here. I am absolutely positive nobody actually touched me, it's not possible.

No... Not happy with this particulart trip at all. Also left me with a fierce headache.

This is not my normal reaction to Salvia.


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Posted by grimjim on 09/01/2010
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You did do 60x though, so you asked for it really! ;-) Just kidding LOL

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