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Posted by Anonymous on 02/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoked out of a water pipe

im a experienced salvia user ive used it for years. while experimenting one day i decided to try a new way to ingest my salvia. ive used pipes to this point and had small trips with effects ranging from odd sounds to being able to feel my skeletal structure inside my skin. I had never used a water pipe method because i thought it would decrease the effects. I packed the water pipe and started smoking, i held in the smoke until i could start to feel it work, but when i exhaled my lungs still felt full. i tried again to exhale with the same result and i realized i wasnt dead so i must be breathing fine. i was licking around my mouth and to my surprise i found a third row of teeth that went verticaly down my throat. i licked them and the hallucinations started. my tounge followed the row of teeth down my throat, my body became a liquid and rushed down too. while swirling around as a liquid i was pulled through what i can only decribe as bubble gum and whoosh. I was falling from the sky into another world. Many people were there to greet me but one stood in front of the others with arms outstreched. they wanted me to come join them. instead I fought against the forces pulling me and i was swirling around in a ball of teeth and flesh and i morphed back into myself. I was all sweaty i felt like a newborn. Time felt like nothing i had no idea how long the trip had lasted, it has had a profound impact on me the things i have seen have inspired me to draw. It was the best thing i have ever experienced. i will continue to use this plant to aid me spiritually, God put me here to make art and he put salvia here to open my mind...


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Posted by Tramalfadorian on 11/02/2009
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this was the best trip i ever had it changed the way i see things...


Posted by Tramalfadorian on 11/03/2009
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to experience something like this you need to train yourself i smoked a good gram of salvia the day before the water pipe test and you need to have no fear you need to let go youre opening a door in your mind just trust that you'll find your way back. i must also note that i dont use sitters its best to be used alone, when you have less distractions its easyer to wander, music also helps, i remeber what song was playing during my experience it was the fixer by pearl jam it was intense but i loved it evryone thinks this stuff is a joke i tell them they are full of shit...

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