Salvia Trip

Reaching the real Reality


Posted by Anonymous on 17/03/2009
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Type/Strength:Salvia x20
Method of Ingestion:Pipe, smoked

My friend and I decided to try salvia one day, so we were in my basement, I took the hit and I told my friend to move the table. Everything after that is messed up. I looked at the table and everything was shifting and I panicked. Then there was this layer that was slowing taking over my vision. The layer was a bunch of people un-zipping the arm of a giant person and I was on the arm of a giant man, the people where inside the giant man, and they told me that my turn to control the body was over. They started to pull me within the giant man. I thought my entire life had never happened and was just an illusion and by being pulled into the body my life was over. I started to come to pacing in my basement. My other friend had a really fun trip and I was unsatisfied and jealous of my friends great fun trip so I wanted to do it agian. I took the hit and everything started to go nuts. A giant blue and red women picked me up, and it felt like I was being ripped out of my reality. I looked at my friend talking to the computer beside him, laughing at how I was so eaisily tricked and how futile it was that I was trying to escape my reality. I was convinced that life was not real. I tried to escape the real world and go to the "real" reality, but the woman set me back down in my basement. When she set me down my friend went back into character and stoped talking to the things around him. I imediatly aksed my sitter if it was just me and him here. I still thought my friend was just an actor. It was kinda like the Truman show movie if you have seen it, or the matrix. For like 5 minuetes after the giant blue and red woman set me back down was calling my friend an imposter and an actor. Was a crazy experience. Was terrified for both trips, but looking back on them, it was fun to leave reality for a little while. The next time I try it I am going to do it alone. I think it will take alot of the pressure off so I am in a better and more relaxed state of mind before I take the hit. Also im not going to try and fight the feeling or get panicked. I think the key is to be calm and relaxed, and except the effects instead of trying to fight them. This is serious stuff so dont take it lightly.


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