Salvia Trip

Reality of the gigantic clown shoe


Posted by Captain Unicorn on 03/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

I took a deep breath and inhaled the smoke for about 30 seconds. The salvia expanded through my body immediately and very rapidly unlike the longer lasting entheogens. I put my hands on my head to verify that I actually still existed because I could not believe what was happening to me. According to my friends I was speaking complete gibberish at this time. After this there was a moment of blankness and then the pure absurdness of an alternate existence emerged. I merged with the matress beneath me that expanded through space and eventually transformed into a gigantic shoe. This is the closest I can come to describe this utterly absurd experience. When I tried to move forward I couldn't because I was part of a giant shoe that belonged to a giant clown that was marching in a parade of pure uncomprehensible madness. Reality had the sense of being flipped like the pages of a book. At that moment Incredible String band started playing which further expanded the madness I was now a part of. During all this I forgot that I had smoked Salvia and their wasn't even a trace left of myself. It was a complete ego dissolution. For brief moments I was stuck in a television reality which my friends, who seemed like total strangers, observed attentively. As soon as I realized I had smoked Salvia I started laughing uncontrolably. A great sense of euphoria swept over my body in relieve. I am now very thankfull for my existence and happy to be who I am. Once again my perception of reality has been profoundly changed. Reality is full of infinite possiblities and their is definitely more dimensions to reality then we usually perceive. This is by far the most bizarre experience I have ever had and much can be learned from it if treated with respect and humility.


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