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recurring trip


Posted by Anonymous on 23/02/2008
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Dosage:half a medium sized bowl
Method of Ingestion:smoked

I keep having the same recurring trip. I am very close to a lvl3(and maybe even touched on it a couple tries ago). I keep having the feeling I am at some place where I dont know where I am. I am in a line, or supposed to be walking through some place, something to that effect(this should be taken as a vague feeling as I cant accurately describe it). It feels as if other people are there, or I am supposed to be doing something with other people, and I am kind of disrupting them/stopping them from doing it somehow(not intentionally)

Its exactly the same EVERY time so far. about 4x its happend. The more I do, the more intense the trip is, but its the same 'theme/setting'. I just aquired 10g of 10x, and as soon as I get a day alone(I do not like to do things like this with other people around, i just cant) I am going to try to double what I have done so far, and get to the bottom of this trip.

One thing is though, I kind of know I am tripping, and its almost like I fight it/figure out the 'real' reality. hopefully a bit more in the dosage will get me past that.

WOW I posted this a little while ago and was reading some of the older posts and came across this by paradoxic

[quote=paradoxic]This guy I know says he goes to this strange old town every time he takes Salvia.[/quote]

That is exactly what it feels like for me(i was kind of embarrased to say I was having trips about cowboys LOL). I feel like im either at some old town, or at some 'country'/cowboy type place. I think a lot of why its the same every time has something to do with the smell of the salvia, for some reason. The smell is definitely a big factor to me as soon as the 'trip' starts.


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