Salvia Trip

Remembering The Past


Posted by pixieparksstar on 22/03/2009
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Type/Strength:40x mixed with 60x
Method of Ingestion:smoke/bong

This was my second time i decided to try salvia. I felt like it was ok and that it was worth a second try, but this time we were smoking it out of a bong instead of a pipe like my first time.

One morning after a long night of work me and some friends met up at a buddys house to smoke some salvia. My brother and my friend Darius, and Eddy and, Ryan was there. I smoked withd Eddy and Darius before so I was safe to do it with them again.

So we bought 60x and we had a 40x left over from last time so we decided to mix it. Not only that we were also drinking too.

Well I was the first to hit it. I was sitting on the chair. I took a long drag from the bong and sat back and closed my eyes. I slowly began to slide to the floor. I layed there with my eyes closed for a couple minutes. I could here everyone around me talking waiting for me to do something.

My hands started to move up and down my body. My eyes are still closed but i can still hear everybody. I started touched myself everywhere and moaning quietly. All the guys were getting excited and started laughing. I just kept laying there touching myself and having an orgasm infront of everybody.

Ryan decided to pick me up and carry me to the bedroom so i can be by myself.

So I'm laying on the bed still tripping but something else starts to happen. I start rolling around back and forth and my moaning gets louder. Soon my moaning turns into screams.

Everyone I guess hears me screaming cause i hear them come back in the room. They try to grab me and snap me nack to reality but i kick and punch all them still screaming. I hear shouts "Antoinette calm down calm down!!" but i still scream.

I'm taken back to a couple years ago where I'm in a car with a co-worker and he rapes me. I start to scream the co-workers name then i scream he raped me. This whole time I'm still kicking at everybody and trying to keep them off me.

Tears begin to come out of my eyes. My brother then grabs me and comforts me. I sit in his arms and just cry. Not knowing if my trip is over or am I stiil tripping. My eyes wont open. I still hear everyone around me mumurs about what i just yelled out.

Finally im back to reality my eyes still dont open but i have a sense that im there in the bedroom with all my friends. My friend Eddy picks me up and takes me back into the living room. He asks me if i can walk and i tell him yes. My eyes still dont wanna open. He leads me outside. He whispers to me to open my eyes. I shake my head telling him i cant. He tells me everything is ok and to just open them slowly. I slowly open my eyes and i look around. Im standed on my friends balcony. The sun is shining bright. I look at Eddy and i start crying again.

I never thought i would trip over someting like that. Later Eddy told me some salvia trips make you relive your past. He told me i should have cleared my head before i did it.

Well after that whole experience i told myself that i would never do salvia again but its wasnt the salvia that messed me up i quickly realized that.

So all my other salvia experiences have been good and exciting so i wll continue using it and having good trips


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