Salvia Trip

Rianbow Jell-O Rivers


Posted by Anonymous on 28/07/2009
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Type/Strength:10x Standardized
Method of Ingestion:Standard bowl pipe

After preparing myself and talking to my close friend, he prepped some salvia 10x for me and handed me the torch lighter.

The flame hit the Salvia, and the inhalation began, I held it for about 35 seconds, killing the small amount that had been prepped for me. Upon exhaling, the world around me wavered, "oh mmy god what the hell is this?" went through my head, 'Dude, some of that is still good, you should burn up that tiny cherry in there' my buddy said...

I pounded my fist all paranoid and stamped my feet refusing, then a small voice to me to just relax and close my eyes.

Best feeling of warmth, and suddenly rays of light shot sround me and i was floating gently in a river of rainbow colors and sunshine all aound me, warmiing the jell-o like river. Mother Nature appeared to me riding on a white Unicorn, and told me that this is what life should be like to be in touch with nature, as I floated on the peace was amazing and it was nice and quiet, before flying off on a ray of purple light and fuzzy bunnies, mother nature told me to open my eyes and I would understand.

I opened my eyes and told my buddy who asked me how I was that Ii understood the TRUE meaning of the wind and how it is speaking to us of amazing stories of the natural life beyond. I was tossed a beer and the trip was ending, while my friend laughed and told me I had a good trip cause his was awful when he did it. I felt enlightened and happy, I plan to do it again now that I know what to expect...this was my first time and frankly it was pretty awesome and bizarre lol


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