Salvia Trip

Right Eye to the Left


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 25/10/2008
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Type/Strength:X / 5X
Method of Ingestion:water bong

lastnight I decided to visit my mirror after exhaling from my vApo izer..

after reading from a book of an account about taking a look of one's right or left eye, I decided to really go and look for myself ..

as I looked I noticed my right eye was really my left eye in the mirror.. my face was melting a bit but not in a weird grotesque way.. how odd as I watched ..

as I looked at my right eye I began to realize another level of my mind opening..

I now know that my left eye is my right eye and my right eye is my left eye..

both are valid from each side of the mirror.. it is wonderful to know that my mind can conceive any dimension and the reality that is both..

today was wonderful as I entered a new reality and remembering the mirror and how others may really see me..


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