Salvia Trip

river on my porch


Posted by psyche on 14/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:small bong

I was on my porch. So I smoked about two bowls of salvia and instantly everything felt dreamlike. I noticed that I was aware of the fact of certain things existing-I was aware of the process of myself existing, and of my lighter, and my bong, and my ipod. Then I remember that I looked at the hanging blinds across from my porch. It looked bluish because of the night sky, (it was about 7 o’clock). Right then, some wind started blowing and making the blinds sway. I saw the blinds being pushed by the wind, but then it seemed like it kept coming. Then the blinds seemed to grow into a bright blue and it started to curve and change shape and it looked like a cartoony looking river. And this plant right next to it suddenly started to glow a very bright green, and the piece of the blue sky I could see from between the plant and the strange river started to glow as well, and all three things were glowing vibrantly together. I then got uncomfortable as I felt that the longer I was looking at the whole image, the more I was being pulled into this insane part of my mind, so I quickly looked away.


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