Salvia Trip

rock spirit


Posted by ryan321 on 21/07/2011
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Method of Ingestion:inhaled for 30seconds

Hiked up into the hills by myself since i was off work; tried some the previous day in town(not a good idea)...after i exhaled i could almost hear something being stacked continuously(my image construct which i perceived became a bunch of little 3dimensional shapes floating in space,coming towards me; trying to wrap around my brain.afterwards i saw a holographic pattern floating/repeating itself on a layer above a rock like it was moving. then i sat down in the sand and i seen a girl emerge from a rock,i 1st noticed her eyes open; maybe she was the spirit of that rock...she seemed to be wearing a full body suit which was the exact same color as the rock.her eyes seemed to be looking into my soul..It almost seemed that my life was a sham;i almost thought i was on a hollywood backlot; in a movie about myself & everyone i knew was in on it.(i was almost in total disbelief cause it felt SOreal...took about 30 minutes to get back to some kind of normal sense( of my old self...reality is not what it is all the time.


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