Salvia Trip

rolling ontop of Carousels


Posted by Anonymous on 11/05/2009
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Method of Ingestion:pipe smoked

Me and 2 of my friends stoped by a local store called "botnie bay" they each bot a gram of 10x sticky purple salvia brand. Me haveing a bit more money than the other two, i bought a gram of the 20x salvia. we came back to my buddys house, and i told them to wait untill i got back before they smokeded any. i left and roughly 30 min. later i walked back through my buddys front door.... there was a cloude of rough smelling smoke hovering above them. they where both laughing histerically. me in disbeliefe that it had these effects on you, i pop the little purple lid open stuff some in this lil pipe i had bought and take a huge hit. i helled the smoke in my lungs for around 20sec. before realing the smoke the effects where already taking controll. i released the smoke and couldint take my eyes off the pipe i was in a trance. then i started to once again hear my buddys laughing around me.... i giggle once, refill the pipe hit it agian, and released the smoke, i began to drule the laughing got intense and more intense untill i was laughing so hard it was crazy, i fall out of my chair land on the ground on my back, my hands crossed my chest, when my eyes closed i instantly began triping soo hard. While rocking back and fourth i seen myself rolling so fast ontop of colorfull carnival Carousel laughing got more and more intense as it felt like my body was bieng held down from the g force of rolling so fast..... i begin to choke on my slobber from laughing so hard.... my trip is so intense by this point that my buddys sobber up quickly, and roll me over onto my stumach where im still triping hard, thios trip turns into me laying there, all i can see where hundreds of giant floating colorful pool noodles pressing against my bodie, holding me to the floor, the laughing is still there... then my eyes open........ im completely sober, stand up sit back down in my chair, close my eyes to blink and beagn another trip. when i came out of it, i was drenched in sweat.... from head to toe i was sweaty, and had drooled all over my self. and was happy with the time of my life i had just had!


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